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Students walking in front of Old Main on a clear fall day.


Graduate Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards



The Graduate Program Committee (GPC) invites nominations for the scholarships and awards listed below.
All materials must be submitted in ONE file that is named: AwardTitle_LastName_FirstName.pdf (.doc, .rtf)
For example, if Albert Einstein were applying for a Krynine Award, his file would be called: Krynine_Einstein_Albert.pdf
Please do not send application materials in multiple files.



A rubric for evaluation of the applications is available online at:

Teaching Assistant Award

The Department of Geosciences is committed to a high-quality educational experience for our undergradsuate students.  In addition, we wish to develop the teaching skills of our graduate students. Toward these ends, the Department is pleased to offer $1,000 Teaching Assistant Award each semester to recognize superior graduate student teaching assistants (TAs).

Teaching Assistant Award Details

Previous Winners:
2017: Erica Pitcavage

Annual Travel and Research Funds

Applications for Annual Travel and Research Funds should include:
1. A copy of the abstract to be presented at the meeting, if you are requesting funds to attend a meeting.
2. All other information requested here
Please fill in the document and submit with your application.

*Note that we ask for only a simple acknowledgement of support from the academic advisor. Travel & Research fund applications do not require a letter of recommendation

Paul D. Krynine Scholarship
Purpose: The Paul D. Krynine award started with funds provided by faculty members and alumni of the Department of Geosciences.  Krynine awards provide financial aid for deserving graduate students in any program of the Geosciences.  Funds can be used for any purpose. In Fall semester, awards are most typically made to support research-related travel or to attend conferences; in Spring semester, awards commonly support research related travel or other research costs. We anticipate that in 2017-18, Krynine funds will be used to support the majority of complete applications submitted by graduate students in good academic standing. The typical award amount is $300-500.

 2017/2018 Application Deadlines are March 31 and September 30, 2017

Shell Research Travel Awards for AAPG
Purpose: Graduate students giving a talk or poster at the AAPG meeting. Statement should describe and document why travel cannot be supported by advisor and current research projects.
Typical award is $1000-$2000.

Next Application Deadline is 31 Jan. 2017


Energy-Related Awards

Chevron Graduate Student Scholarship
Purpose: Full-time PhD students only. Minimum 3.3 GPA.  Must be pursuing a degree beneficial to Chevron.  Must demonstrate knowledge and interest in Chevron and energy industry. Two $5,000 awards.

Application Deadline for Fall awards is March 31.

Previous Winners:
2017: Peter Miller, "Consolidation of incoming sediments to the Aleutian subduction zone: implications for hydrologic and mechanical state of sediment at the subduction interface"

Abby Kenigsberg, "The Effects of Fault Composition and Microstructures on Fault Weakness: A Study of Natural and Synthetic Clay-rich Gouges"

2016: Benjamin Madara

Abby Kenigsberg, "The Effects of Fault Composition and Microstructures on Fault Weakness: A Study of Natural and Synthetic Clay-rich Gouges"


Shell Geosciences Energy Research Facilitation Award
Purpose:Graduate students doing research with an emphasis on energy-related investigations. Awardees will be asked to make an informal presentation on their work to Shell researchers. Shell researchers will review proposals and provide input for award selection.

Ten $2,000 awards.


Nominations should include:

1) A nomination letter from the faculty advisor. This should be sent separately to the Graduate Program Office.
2) A statement by the student summarizing qualifications for the award and plans for the proposed research including a budget (~2 pages for statement and budget). Statements must include the following sentence: By submitting this application, regardless of the outcome of the selection process, I agree to participate in the Department of Geosciences Annual Graduate Student Colloquium ( during Spring 2017.
3) A current C.V., transcript of PSU grades, and a recent progress report

In selecting awardees, the GPC will adhere to the wishes of the donors, as described below.

Awards are open to graduate students enrolled in the Geosciences, unless otherwise noted.


Students may apply for only one from this group. In some cases, the selection committee may redirect nominations to a different award based on description, research, purpose, and/or eligibility. We anticipate that there will be one or in some cases two awardees for each of these competitive scholarships and fellowships. 

Alley Family Graduate Scholarship in the Department of Geosciences
Purpose:  Consideration for this scholarship shall be given to graduate students enrolled or planning to enroll in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, or sucessor academic unit, at The Pennsylvania State University who are studying a discipline related to climate science in the Department of Geoscience.

Richard Standish Good Graduate Scholarship in Geosciences
Purpose:To recognize and support research by outstanding graduate students in Geosciences. Preference will be given to students conducting research in geobiology, geochemistry, or astrobiology and the origin of life. Typical award is $1000-$2000.

Charles E. Knopf, Sr., Memorial Scholarship
Purpose:To provide recognition and financial assistance for research by outstanding first-year graduate students.  Preference shall be given to students interested in pursuing an academic career in Geology. Typical award is $4000-$7000.

Hiroshi and Koya Ohmoto Graduate Fellowship in Geosciences
Purpose:To recognize and support graduate students exhibiting academic excellence. Scholarships shall be awarded for one academic year and may be renewed for subsequent years providing the recipient continues to meet the conditions of eligibility.

Typical award is $4000-$7000.

 Richard R. Parizek Graduate Fellowship
Purpose:To recognize and support research by graduate students exhibiting academic excellence. Preference will be given to students studying hydrogeology.

Typical award is $4000-$7000.

 Scholten-Williams-Wright Scholarship in Field Geology
Purpose:PhD students involved in summer field studies in geology that involve a significant component of geologic mapping. Preference to students with superior academic records and who have the ability to express ideas concisely, lucidly, and logically in speech and writing.

Typical award is $1000-$3000.

Donald B. and Mary E. Tait Scholarship in Microbial Biogeochemistry
Purpose: Scholarships are awarded to graduate students who have demonstrated outstanding ability,or potential, in research on the role of bacteria in geological processes, including microbial biogeochemistry. This scholarship is offered to graduates every other year when the beginning year is even. (e.g. 2016-2017).

Barry Voight Volcano Hazards Endowment
Purpose:Graduate students or professionals representing foreign volcanological organizations engaged in research or education to mitigate volcano hazards.  Preference will be given to international students or foreign professionals currently engaged in hazards-reduction activities. A demonstrated financial need may also be a consideration. Funds for graduate research, academic travel for students or visiting professionals, study abroad opportunities, etc.

Typical award is $1000-$2000.