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Congratulations - Anna Whitaker!


Congratulations to Anna Whitaker for receiving the 2016 AWG Undergraduate Excellence in Paleontology Award sponsored by the Association for Women Geoscientists (AWG) and the Paleontological Society. read more

Penn State partners with Commonwealth to build seismic monitoring network


 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Researchers at Penn State are closing in on the completion of a statewide network that monitors seismic activity. Expected to be completed this summer, the network, which is a... read more

Scientist chases waterfalls in depths of breathtaking glaciers


Scientists often travel to the ends of the Earth in the name of research, but Ph.D. student Kiya Riverman’s work requires her to climb directly into the heart of glaciers. We spoke with Riverman by... read more

Graduate Students 3D Print Exhibit Highlighting Climate Changes Effect on Vulnerable Ocean-Based OrganismsS


We all know of the societal impact that 3D printing technology has had on various fields, from prototyping to medical research, but one vital application that is generally swept under the sea—so to... read more

EMS Museum exhibit explores ocean acidification's impact on microscopic sea life


 On a mission to show how increased atmospheric carbon dioxide can impact microscopic creatures at the base of the food chain in the ocean, a group of geosciences graduate students chose a... read more