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We are fortunate to have a highly dedicated and hard working staff to help faculty and students with a wide range of task from administration to technical support.


  • Jennifer Billett
    Jennifer Billett
    Financial Coordinator
    503 Deike
    (814) 863-0633
    E-Forms for Research & General Funds
    Wage Appointments
    Bi-Weekly Wage Payroll
    Travel Cash Advances
    Reimburse Travel/Group Meals
    P-Card Reconciliation
    Plotter/Copier/Fax/Scanner billing
  • Stacie Hugney
    Stacie Hugney
    Administrative Support Coordinator 4
    506 Deike
    (814) 865-4203
    Pre and post award management
    Postdoctoral appointments
    Faculty Activity Reports
    Collaborate with Graduate Staff on Graduate Assistant Appointments
    Update Researcher Listserv
    Visa and international visitors
  • Brent Hurley
    Brent Hurley
    Alumni Relations and Industry Recruiting
    503 Deike
    (814) 863-7072
    Alumni Relations and Stewardship (Advisory Board, Special Events, Gift Acknowledgment)
    Industry Relations and Recruitment (On Campus Recruiting Program)
    Department Communications and Publicity (Newsletter, Website, Photography, Social Media)
    Department Awards/Nominations (Faculty Mentoring, Mitchell, Wilson, etc.)
  • Jo Ann Lehtihet
    Jo Ann Lehtihet
    Administrative Assistant
    503 Deike Bldg
    (814) 867-4760
    General office duties
  • Antonia Mooney
    Antonia Mooney
    Administrative Assistant (AfricaArray)
    446 Deike
    (814) 865-4185
  • Angela Packer
    Angela Packer
    Graduate Program Assistant
    507 Deike
    (814) 865-7394
    Graduate Program Coordinator:
    Advise Graduate students on policies and procedures
    Graduate Assistant & Fellowship appointments
    Exam Processing (candidacy, comprehensive, final oral defense of thesis or dissertation)
  • Nicole Stocks
    Nicole Stocks
    Academic Advisor
    542 Deike
    (814) 865-7791
    Course Scheduling
    Classroom/Final Exam/Priority Scheduling
    Student Billing
    Special Program Support: Field Camp; Shake, Rattle & Rocks
    Scholarships/Endowment Awarding
    Recruitment: Fort Valley M-SEA Program & Spend a Summer Day
  • Steve Swavely
    Steve Swavely
    Research Support Technologist III
    509 Deike
    (814) 865-1527
    maintain all lab equipment and testing fixtures
    load frames and high pressure pumps
    repair/replace all hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems
    order and maintain a small parts inventory
    perform a variey of administration functions
    interact with the faculty, staff, graduate students and post-doc individuals in order to insure continuing testing schedules
    Design new fixtures and work out any new system configurations needed
  • Tina Vancas
    Tina Vancas
    Administrative Support Coordinator V
    505 Deike
    Department Manager (all administrative and general related duties)
    Supervise staff
    Manage General, Gift and Endowment Funds, Salary Schedules, Supplemental Payments
    Appointments not on research funds
    Field Trips; Surcharge
    Scholarships, NDA Contract, Sabbatical Leave applications, World Campus contracts
    Strategic Planning
    P&T, 5 yr Post review & Committees
    CIC survey
  • Denny Walizer
    Denny Walizer
    Project Associate
    227 Deike
    (814) 863-2023
    Manager / Supervisor of Research Laboratories (Biogeochemistry / Isotope labs / Mass Spectrometers)
    Department Liaison for Buildings and Research Facilities
    Facilities Coordinator (Oversee Department Renovations)
    Department Safety Officer
    Contact for Equipment Inventory