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Field Camp Alumni 1940-1954 Students
Two to-be-eminent geologists at field camp, Spring 1944.  Alison R (Pete) Palmer and John C Ferm. Credit: Bob Folk

Some Students Who Attended Field Camp at Stone Valley, 1940-1954

Robert L (Bob) Folk B.S. 1946, M.S. 1950; Ph.D. 1952, for which he worked with Krynine.  The father of carbonate petrology and since 1990 a researcher in fossil nanobacteria, he taught and is still at the University of Texas.

John C Ferm (1925-1999) B.S., 1946; M.S., 1948; Ph.D. 1957, for which he worked with Krynine and Griffiths. While at the 1946 Penn State geology field camp, he met Doris Lippencott Bye, a master's candidate in geology, who would become his wife and life-long companion.  A sedimentary and coal geologist, he taught at LSU, South Carolina, and Kentucky.

Alison R (Pete) Palmer 1945.  A former U.S. Geological Survey paleontologist and State University of New York at Stony Brook geology professor, he arrived in Boulder in 1980 to begin work organizing the Geological Society of America's 40- volume "Decade of North American Geology," for the society's centennial in 1988. It spans eight feet of bookshelf and involved authors and others from more than 100 universities, 20 provincial and state geological surveys and 23 oil or mining companies or consulting firms in 18 countries.  "My friends thought I was mad, but it was great fun," Palmer has said. 

David C Scull 1954,BS1955.  Dave is an External Aerospace Education Officer, Virginia Wing, CAP.  He reminds us that "Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school." - Albert Einstein