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Anticline in the Castanea, Whipple Dam
Anticline in the Castanea Member of the Tuscarora Formation, Whipple Dam

Field Camp 1959

In 1959 the Curriculum (Department) of Geology-Mineralogy required summer Geologic Surveying (Geol 70) and Field Geology (Geol 72).  The Curriculum (Department) of Geophysics-Geochemistry had two options -- Geophysics and Geochemistry, both of which only required Geol 70.  Most of these names are from the database of 1960 Geological Sciences, Geology, and Geology-Mineralogy alumni that, hopefully, is a proxy for 1959 field camp
, although some may have attended a year earlier or a year later.


Attendee List
Name Contact
Lamont S Beers  
Frank V DiMarcello  
Peter A Dunn  
William M Flock (PhD 66)  
Philip Heckel (Amherst College)  
William H Hedberg (MS 63)  
Allan R Larson  
Thomas L Miller  
Terry A Shepherd  
Jan G Smith  
Charles B Willingham  
Samuel B (Sam) Romberger (PhD68)  
Gerald P Duckett  



   Robert L (Bob) Ellison (PhD 61).  Bob was a long-time faculty member at the University of Virginia.

Where They Stayed
    Mineral Industries Lodge, Stone Valley, Huntingdon County, PA (see the 1919-1954 and 1960 pages)

   See 1960 page

Sam Romberger says he remembers that Larry Lattman came out to give evening lectures, because Larry caught him dozing.

Phil Heckel adds that "I am glad to be included in the PSU Stone Valley Field Camp alumni group, because my experience there helped to solidify my decision to go to graduate school in Geology."  Phil went on to obtain a PhD at Rice and teaches at the University of Iowa.