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Field Camp 1963
Some of the Field Camp members. L to r, "Merrily" Sturges, Robert Needem, Jerry (Merv) Bartholomew, Mitchell Smith, Bob Gardner, Rob Scholten, Larry Ramspott, Mrs. Ramspott, T.K. Reeves, Ron Bartrie, and Lynn Brant (T.A.). Thanks to David Reidenour for the photo and the identifications.

Field Camp 1963

In 1963 the Geological Sciences Curriculum included Departments of Geology, Geophysics-Geochemistry, and Mineralogy.  GSc 470, Introduction to Field Geology, was taught during the academic terms, and Field Geology (GSc 472) was taught as a summer course in the West.  It is unclear, from the University General Catalog, which majors were required to take GSc 472, but probably geophysicists were not. Thanks to Jerry Bartholomew for the 1963 names.


Attendee List
Name Contact
Mervin Jerome (Jerry) Bartholomew  
Gerald S Barton  
Mary Sturges Clark  
Leonard R (Bob) Gardner (MS66, PhD68)  
Lloyd S Grearson, Jr.  
David E Nielsen  
Thomas K Reeves, Jr.  
David R Reidenouer (MS66)  
Mitchell Smith  
Richard M Zoll  
Donovan B (Don) Kelly  



Rob ScholtenRob Scholten (left), Larry Ramspott (PhD62; faculty, University of Georgia), Larry Lattman (cross-country)


   Lynn A Brant (MS71, DEd80)

Lima SceneWhere They Stayed
   Little Sheep Creek Campground west of Lima, Montana (Lima to left)

Main Projects
   Mapping in the Tendoy Range

Click here to read Jerry Bartholomew's recollections about the 1963 field camp, with some additional comments by Lynn Brant and David Reidenourt 

Click here to read an essay by Don Kelly on the Wild Cow Milking Contest, with comments by Ed Beutner, Rob Scholten, and Jerry Bartholomew

And click here for Leonard (Bob) Gardner's recollections of Herm and the Bug

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images: (The first five images are from 1963, thanks to David Reidnour, in addition to the lead photo on the 1963 recollections page and the lead photo on the Herm and Bug page. The other photos were taken in the 1980s and a few in 2009 by Jerry Bartholomew.)



Alumni Field Camp 1963 Photos
Looking south from Little Water alond Dixon Mtn. The show-capped Lima Peaks appear south of Little Sheep Creek.
A view looking southeast from the top of Dixon Mtn. The Red Rock fault cuts a Pleistocene fan in Red Rock River Valley (lower left).  Town of Lima at top left, Lima Peaks at top right, Big Sheep Creek in lower right.
Looking south from Dixon Mtn toward Mt. Garfield (center distance) and the Lima Peaks (left distance).  White Pine Ridge is on the right horizon and Deadwood Gulch in the lower right.
Looking south, from near the Little Sheep Campground, at Mt. Garfield (right) and the Lima Peaks (left).
View looking south at Mt. Garfield from Little Sheep Creek, at the turnoff to the access road to the campground.
View looking north down the access road from the campsite toward Little Sheep Creek.
View of the Lima Peaks (left) and Mt. Garfield (right) south of Little Sheep Creek
View looking east at the town of Lima. The road to Little Sheep Creek is in the lower right.
Moose at Dell with Dixon Mtn in the background
Looking north at Dixon Mtn from White Pine Ridge
Scarp at the Red Rock fault, along Big Sheep Creek
Looking west at the scarp of the Red Rock fault, at Little Sheep Creek. The scarp was trenched in 1986, to the right of the road.
The Sheep Creek segment of the Red Rock fault at Big Sheep Creek. There are two offset Pleistocene alluvial fans.
The old school house in Dell, closed in 1963, has had an interesting history as a restaurant and local history place.
A shot of the old "downtown Lima" area along the railroad tracks. 2009.
The bar at the Peat Hotel in downtown Lima now (2009) offers steaks (you grill them) and salad for about $10-12 dollars to go with your beer.
The 63 camp went to a dance with the local folks at this Humphrey school a few miles south along I-15 in Idaho.  Sadly, it has progressively declined over the past decade (prior to 2009).
View looking west up Big Sheep Creek from the top of White Pine Ridge, looking toward Medicine Lodge Valley.
Shatter cones in Belt Series rocks in Medicine Lodge Valley. Proceed west from the campsite along Big Sheep Creek and then north.
Look west at the ghost town of Bannock. It is an old arsenic district and a modern placer gold district.
The ghost town of Bannock
The ghost town of Bannock
Tent of Bob Gardner and David Ridenour, Little Sheep Creek Campground
The Anaconda stack
Barracks at the old chromite mine, Stillwater. Cross-country trip out, camp in Sangre de Cristo Mtns, New Mexico The Berkeley pit at Butte Red sandstone cliffs in northern New Mexico, and a PSU vehicle
David Reidenour in the field, Tendoy Mtns
Tendoy Mtns from the tent of Bob Gardner and David Reidenour, 1963