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Penn Staters about to enter wild cow milking contest, Lima, Montana, 1962
Lynn Brant (to the right, in a grey/white checkered shirt) briefs the Penn State field camp teams about a wild cow milking contest, in Lima, Montana.  He was an expert because he'd done it the summer before.  Thanks for the picture to Lynn, who writes "Jack Crelling is nearest the camera on the first seat with the big white hat and plaid shirt.  Oscar Huh is leaning behind him in the white T-shirt.  Lynn is in the blue plaid shirt with the crumpled hat.  Nearest the camera is Perry Rahn (?). Two over, the guy examining his camera is John M'Gonigle.  John's wife, Georgia (?) is the woman with sunglasses.  The child at her feet may be a little M'Gonigle. Behind Georgia is probably Peter Scholten, Rob's son.  There are three guys between Peter and the guy with a black hat who I think are Penn State students.  The one next to the black hat might be Ted Gard.  Then in front of them are Al Guber and Shamsul Siddiqui.  My!  How much younger we all looked some forty years ago!" Bob Williams (2014) adds that he is standing next to Lynn in the grey shirt and white hat, with his left hand stuck in his back pants pocket; Robert Stiner is in the "red sweathsirt and black cowboy hat. He wore the red shirt every day. Most students in the photo are wearing white cowboy hats, but Bob Stiner wanted to look mean and tough, so he chose black. "

Field Camp 1964

In 1964 the Departments in the Geological Sciences Major were changed again, into a Department of Geology-Geophysics and a Department of Geochemistry-Mineralogy.  Courses took on Gchem, Geology, Geophysics, and GSc names.  The field courses became Geol 470, Introduction to Field Geology, during the academic terms and summer Geol 472, Field Geology.  It is unclear, from the University General Catalog, which majors were required to take Geol 472.  Most of these names are from the database of 1965 Geology or Geological Sciences alumni that, hopefully, is a proxy for 1964 field camp
, although some may have attended a year earlier or a year later, and some may not have been required to take it.


Attendee List
Name Contact
Charles Ronald Bair  
Robert Lewis Brown  
Kenneth F Coleman, Jr.  
John Foster Houser  
Duane L Sprague  
Robert Doyle Stiner  
Robert B (Bob) Williams  




Rob Scholten

Where They Stayed
Little Sheep Creek Campground west of Lima, Montana (see the 1963 page)

Main Projects
   Mapping in the Tendoy Range

Lynn Brant emails that in addition to the Wild Cow Milking Contest at the 1963 Field Camp, there were TWO teams at the 1964 camp.  He, "Black Jack" Crelling, and Oscar Huh made up one of those teams.  Lynn (MS71, DEd80), Oscar (MS63, PhD68), Ted Gard (PhD69), and John M'Gonigal (PhD65) were graduate students working in the area.  Lynn adds that the cow was much stronger than the one the rodeo had given Penn State the year before. "And I wonder if that was on purpose!  We didn't take any prizes that year [as in 1963]."

Bob Williams sent an extended letter in February, 2014, that clears up the the second Wild Cow team. Click here to read his letter.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images: (thanks to Lynn Brant for the pictures)


Alumni Field Camp 1964 Photos
Lynn Brant goes down as the team tries to corral the cow. He ended up on the ground looking up at the belly of the beast.
The three team members close in for the drop of milk in the bottle.
The team has just milked a wild cow: Oscar Huh, Lynn Brant, and John "Black Jack" Crelling.