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 Penn State Geosciences 1965 Field Camp Alumni

Group photo at Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  Standing, l to r: Perry Rahn, Barry Voight, Paul Diehl, Ali Al-Rubaiyi, Evan Schuster, Joe Gerencher (hat), Fred Swanson (behind), Jay Byerly, John Bauer. Sitting l to r: Joe Watson, David Schieck, Tuck Moorshead, Bill Stuart, Sadik Bakar Jawad. Thanks to Russ & Linda Dutcher for the image.

Field Camp 1965

In 1965 the Geological Sciences Major included Departments of Geology-Geophysics and Geochemistry-Mineralogy.  The field courses were Geol 470, Introduction to Field Geology, during the academic terms and summer Geol 472, Field Geology.  It is unclear, from the University General Catalog, which majors were required to take Geol 472.  Students listed are those in the group photo above.
     Joe Gerencher, from his field notebook, recounts that the field school was preceded by a three-week cross-country trip, Geology 462, that left State College on June 13. It went south to Texas and ended up in Clarks Fork, Wyoming,on July 3, having made 61 geological stops.  On July 4 the group was in Red Lodge.  Larry Lattman was along on the first part of that trip.  The first set of pictures in the photogallery is from the cross-country trip.  Some students appear in these photos who are not in the Yellowstone group picture.


Attendee List
Name Contact
Ali Al-Rubaiya [Kuwait]  
John W Bauer (MS69)  
Jay Richard Byerly  
Paul E Diehl  
Joseph J Gerencher, Jr. (MS68)  
Sadik Bakar Jawad [Kuwait]  
Frank A (Tuck) Moorshead, III  
David E Schieck  
William D Stuart  
Evan T Shuster (MS70)  
Fred Swanson  
Joseph T (Joe) Watson  



Larry Lattman (cross-country), Russ Dutcher, Barry Voight

   Perry H Rahn (PhD65)

Where They Stayed
   YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana (This was the first class to use YBRA, a move initiated by Russ Dutcher.  Russ continued to use YBRA after he moved to Southern Illinois University, and has been involved in management of the physical plant since 1966.)  The course lasted five weeks, from July 5 to August 7.

Barry remembers...  "Joe Watson took up a [student-initiated] challenge to submerge in Red Lodge Creek (34o), for a prize, just before driving up the hill to camp.  He got into the creek and got wet.  So he wanted his prize, but I pointed out that I had said, "submerged," whereas all he had done was to get his back and legs and bottom wet, but his belly was dry; I said, you have to go all the way under, all at once.  Then it became hilarious because the creek was fast with shallow riffles, and try as he might, he couldn't squeeze all of himself under water all at once.  After watching him approaching hypothermia in dogged persistence for several minutes, I finally called him out, saying, OK, you earned it [six cold ones].
     Perry and I would go fishing now and then for golden trout in Hellroaring Plateau Creek and dump our catch into the freezer, until we had enough for the whole camp, at least the PSU bunch."

This is, to our knowledge, the only cross-country trip in which Larry Lattman participated.  Click here for a story on his last lecture at Penn State.

Click on the thumbs to open: (thanks to Joe Gerencher and to Russ & Linda Dutcher for the photos)



Alumni Field Camp 1965 Photos
Larry expounding on the XC trip
Larry Lattman talking on the XC trip
Larry Lattman lecturing
Sadik, Fred, and Peg  XC trip
Skip, Paul, Eva Tucker, and Larry. Eva was a then-new assistant prof at Penn State Behrend.  on the XC trip
Breaking camp in the early morning in Texas  XC trip
Breaking camp in the early morning  XC trip
Breaking camp, early morning, perhaps in Oklahoma  XC trip
Closeup of the previous photo. Russ Dutcher has his foot on the bench, wife Pat seated. Kids are Rick & Jan Dutcher. Jack Crelling at far right.  XC trip
Group somewhere in New Mexico  XC trip
Closeup of the group photo, XC trip  L to r: ??, John Bauer, Sadik Bakar Jawad, ??, Evan Schuster, Joe Watson (kneeling), Paul Diehl, Bill Stuart, David Schieck, ??, ??, Peg, Jay Byerly, Ali Al-Rubaiyi, Joe Gerencher, Perry Rahn, ??
US Borax Company mine at 1300 ft level in Carlsbad, NM. It was a sylvite mine.  XC trip
Jack Crelling at a stream-incised alluvial floodplain  XC trip
somewhere on the cross-country trip
Fred Swanson near a vertical dike at Spanish Forks, Colorado  XC trip
Jack Crelling explaining coking of coal xenoliths in a magmatic sill, Spanish Peaks area, Colorado. It was raining heavily at the time.  XC trip
Joe Gerencher at Rocky Mtn Natl Park, Colorado  XC trip
Group viewing mountains, location uncertain  XC trip
same photo as the top of the page but with Perry Rahn and Russ Dutcher at upper left  Credit: Joseph J Gerencher, Jr.
same photo as the top of the page but with Russ and Barry at upper left  Credit: Barry Voight
Slide area at Mammoth Hot Springs
Barry Voight in volcanics
Paul Diehl at Obsidian Cliff, Yellowstone
Slumped highway at Quake Lake, near Hebgen Lake, Montana
Perry Rahn at the fault scarp (right side up) near Quake Lake
Sadik Bakar Jawad on the Beartooth Plateau during a mapping exercise
Group at a viewing platform
Clark's Fork Canyon furrow
Pete Foose leads a group at Clark's Fork Canyon
Tuck Moorshead in the Elk Basin mapping project, MT/WY
Russ Dutcher captures a rattlesnake with a board at Elk Basin
Russ Dutcher apparently trying to capture the rattlesnake
Looking for outcrop, apparently
Landslide at Shell Canyon
Joe Gerencher on the porch of the PSU men's dorm at YBRA
Cattle wandering through the east end of YBRA in early morning
Along the Mississippi River. The old yellow-orange van that appears in several of the photos was named "ferro-hippus" by the group.  XC trip Peg at an exposure of loess in a stream valley near the Mississippi River.  XC trip soil auger in action  Probably on the XC trip Larry Lattman explains at a roadcut  on the XC trip
unknown location (Absarokas?)
Devil's Tower, SD, on the return trip to Penn State. Jay Byerly is on the picnic table.