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 Group photo of the 1970 Penn State Geosciences Field Camp

Group photo. Thanks to Russ & Linda Dutcher for this image and the accompanying photo in the photogallery below, and to Jeff Peffer and Jim Shaulis for the identifications.  Standing, l to r: Dan Stephens (white T-shirt), Dan Smith (with glasses, behind Dan), Dave Keck (beside Dan), Jack Conrad (black coat), Jeff Peffer, unidentified, Bill Bruck (pencils in pocket), John Gunnett (yellow shirt), Rob Rahsman, Ron Hicks, Doug Hill, Jim Warg.  Sitting or kneeling, l to r: Jim Shultz, Rick Roulin, unidentified (kneeling behind), Jim Shaulis, Russ Dutcher, Mansell Jones, Rick Miller.

Field Camp 1970

In 1970 the Geological Sciences Major included options in Geophysics, Geochemistry-Mineralogy-Petrology, and Geology.  Geology and G-M-P required Geol 470, Introduction to Field Geology, during the academic terms and summer Geol 472, Field Geology.  In 1970 an optional pre-camp cross-country excursion was formalized as Geol 471.  Thanks to Jeff Peffer and Jim Shaulis for the names.


Attendee List
Name Contact
William F Bruck  
Jack Conrad  
John W Gunnett  
Ronald E Hicks  
Douglass G Hill, Jr.  
Mansell Jones  
David A Keck  
Richard W (Rick) Miller  
Jeffrey R (Jeff) Peffer  
Robert G Rahsman, II  
Richard M Roulin  
James R Shaulis  
James A Shultz  
Daniel D Smith  
Daniel B (Dan) Stephens  
Jim Warg  
Stanley M Woodring  

Faculty (thanks to Jeff Peffer)

   Roger Cuffey (cross-country field trip), Duff Gold, Russ Dutcher

Where They Stayed
    YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana

Main Projects (thanks to Jeff Peffer)
   Beartooth Front (main project), Elk Basin, Stillwater chromite mine

Click here to view another group photo at Fanshawe Lodge and to read more about the 1970 field camp

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images: (thanks to Jeff Peffer for the images, and to Dan Stephens for the gas pump picture)


Alumni Field Camp 1970 Photos
Same group photo as at the top of the page, but with Duff Gold instead of Russ Dutcher. Rick Miller is now standing second from the right.
Schedule, from Jeff Peffer  Note the rm & bd charge!
schedule p. 2, with equipment needed
XC trip on the Great Plains. Roger Cuffey talking to Jim Shaulis (white T-shirt) and, to Roger's right, Rick Miller.
Roadcut on the XC trip
XC trip, goofing around in the Rockies
Roger filling a vehicle on the XC trip. Note the price!
Garden of the Gods, Colorado.
Beartooth Front, looking west. Fanshawe Lodge in the foreground