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1972 Group YBRA Field Camp
YBRA, July 17.  Kneeling: Mel Podwysocki, Patti Podwysocki, Rich Leishman, Chuck Malick, Hank Reif, Dave Froelich, Skip Colflesh, Jesse Costolo. Standing: John Miller, Joe Drahuschak, Fred Schriefer, ?, Bill Franz, Bob Hershey, Dave Houseknecht, Larry Meyers, John Hill, Mary Karadosovki McGuire, John Roth, Mark Jacobson, Lance Anderson. Thanks to Hank Reif for the photo.

Recollections About the 1972 Penn State Geosciences Field Camp

Hank Reif writes that the group photo was "taken July 14, 1972 at Beartooth Pass when we stumbled on the "Top Of The World Bar" sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Red Lodge, Montana. Many of us stepped away to take our own picture....  Our Cross Country and Summer Field Camp had a diversity of people -- sophomores, juniors, graduate students, faculty, and visitors."

Skip Colflesh remembers...  "Dr. Boettcher was rushing us across a mapping site high up in Rattlesnake Canyon.  I finally got near him and just as I did, there was a cracking sound and I jumped to another level as a few tons of rock slid down the slope from under my feet.  You [Barry Voight] were higher up slope to my left and as the dust cleared, we heard you yelling and saw you jumping up and down with apparent joy!  You told me at camp that you had gotten a photo of the rock slide, just as I was landing.
     Later I got caught on a ledge at Cathedral Cliffs, trying to get a sample of the basalt sill.  We had found basalt sills that were dated and changed the way the area was interpreted.  I ended up getting off the slope on my own, and Barry said it was a terrific climb."

Art Montana and Barry Voight remember an injury: "On the 4th of July, it began to snow.  The students were working near Ruby Creek on the Range Front.  In running for cover, one tumbled over a 15-foot cliff.  We carried him to Russ Dutcher's Land Rover in a makeshift stretcher and drove to camp. We then commandeered the Red Lodge "ambulance," which was nothing but a station wagon, driven by Joanie Beitel's father, to take us to Billings. We had the student on an IV all the way on the high-speed drive, having to hold the bottle out of the rear window to keep it elevated.
     The docs wouldn't operate without his parents' permission, but the situation became critical, and they went ahead and removed his ruptured spleen. We couldn't reach his parents in Wilkes-Barre, so I called the sheriff, and he tracked him down, although the operation was underway by then.  His parents flew out and took him home.
     During all that, we were wearing green doctors shirts, because our shirts had been used to make a stretcher by running poles up the sleeves.  The shirts also gave us access to the student's room as we wished.  In fact, we were addressed as "Doctor" (which we were, sort of) by some of the staff." [Skip Colflesh has informed us that the student was Brian Beard.]