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Penn State 1974 Field Camp near Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Puzzled geologists in the Permian Basin near Bartlesville. Thanks to Joe Donovan for the photo and identifications.

Field Camp 1974

In 1974 the Geological Sciences Major included options in Geophysics, Geochemistry-Mineralogy-Petrology, and Geology.  Geology and G-M-P required Geol 470, Introduction to Field Geology, during the academic terms and summer Geol 472, Field Geology.  A pre-camp cross-country excursion was available as Geol 471.  Most of these names are from the database of 1975 Geological Sciences alumni that, hopefully, is a proxy for 1974 field camp, although some may have attended a year earlier or a year later.  Some of these alumni, in addition, may have been geophysics option, so would not have attended field camp.  Thanks to Nicholas Susak and Mike Canich for additional names.


Attendee List
Name Contact
Ed Boyle  
Roger Berger  
Ruth M Brennesholtz  
Jeffrey A Bruneau  
Rick Campbell  
Michael Canich (MS 76)  
Joe Donovan  
Dave Field  
James D Fritz  
William Jay Hoover  
Randy P Jones  
Jim T Kovach  
Michael E Moore  
Robert C Popovich  
Jayne Rava  
Archie Richardson  
R Randolph Say  
Jim Schad  
Vincent A Scovazzo  
Steven G Singer  
Nicholas J Susak  
Richard L Unger  
Debbie vanVleet  
James C Walter  
Arlene G Weiner  
Jack A Winkelman  
William E Wertz  

 Faculty (thanks to Nicholas Susak)

   Roger Cuffey and Charles Thornton (cross-country  trip), Duff Gold, Rob Scholten, Art Rose (Stillwater), Wayne Burnham, Art (Boettcher) Montana

Where they stayed (thanks to Nicholas Susak)
   YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana; Little Sheep Creek Campground, Lima, Montana; Western Montana College, Dillon

Main projects (thanks to Nicholas Susak and Art Montana)
   Elk Basin, Beartooth front, air photo mapping of the Lima area, Dillon metamorphics (Ruby Range), Stillwater, Precambrian basement in the Christensen Quad near Dillon

Click here to read Joe Donovan's account of the cross-country trip

From the YBRA Annual Meeting Minutes, courtesy of Russ & Linda Dutcher: "25 students are attending."

Nicholas Susak says there were at least two other students -- Archie and "Contour" Al -- and that Wayne Burnham (Department Chair) led the convoy home.  Actually, Art Montana also went back with the group.

Click on the thumbnails to view the images: (Thanks to Joe Donovan and Dave Field for the photos, all of which are on the cross-country trip.)


Alumni Field Camp 1974 Photos
Roger Cuffey's Speed Wagon
Geologists temporarily coocoo for bryozoans
Gassing up in Missouri
Roger Berger, Vince Scarvazzo, Arlene Weiner in Missouri
Jeff Bruneau at an outcrop in Kansas
The Plains
hike in the Spanish Peaks
closeup of chilled group in the Spanish peaks photo. Archie and Debbie vanVleet at the right.
Hogback of Dakota Sandstone near Canon City, Colorado
Closeup of people at the Dakota Sandstone hogback
Arches National Monument
Roger Cuffey expounds at Arches
The Bingham pit, near SLC. Note the old mining style -- steep pit walls and innumerable benches for rail cars.
Ooid shoals at the Great Salt Lake
Crater Lake snowdrifts
Jayne Rava by a snowdrift at Crater Lake
Charles Thornton in a lava field, Oregon
Al at Craters of the Moon, Idaho
Erratic on Specimen Ridge, Yellowstone
Roger Cuffey lecturing in Kansas; Arlene Weiner next to Roger Granites in the Trinity Alps, CA Charlie Thornton at a gruss outcrop, Trinity Alps. Nick Susak in the dapper hat. Climbing up the Spanish Peaks
Resting on the Spanish Peaks hike Camping at Walsenberg, Colorado (Spanish Peaks.) Debbie Van Vleet and Archie Richardson folding their tent. Exploring Mesa Verde Coal stratigraphy at Price/Helper Utah. Mike Canich on the right and Jeff Bruneau on the left with the hat.
More coal, stratigraphy, Price/Helper Great Salt Lake Hot spring at Beowawe Geothermal Field, Nevada. Student in the purple hat is an undergrad, "Critter." Beowawe hot spring.
Roger Cuffey in the green hat, Charlie Thornton in the straw hat, Nick Susak in the dapper hat, Joe Donovan hamming it up in the center, Nick Scavazzo behind Joe. Patrick Point near Eureka, CA, at the Pacific Ocean. Archie Richardson and Debbie Van Vleet in the foreground.