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 Field Camp 1975

The Teton Wilderness group before their 100-mile hike. Front: ?, Wayne Narr, Bob Dickson, Rick ____. Rear: Mike Homiak, Carl Carson, Jerry Kuzior, Jim Ewart, Randy Wood, Paul Archer, Randy Maud, Barry Voight, Eric Von Lunen, Steve Mellon. Credit: Barry Voight

Field Camp 1975

In 1975 the Geological Sciences Major included options in Geophysics, Geochemistry-Mineralogy-Petrology, and Geology.  Geology and G-M-P required Geol 470, Introduction to Field Geology, during the academic terms and summer Geol 472, Field Geology.  A pre-camp cross-country excursion was available as Geol 471.  Most of these names are from the database of 1976 Geological Sciences alumni that, hopefully, is a proxy for 1975 field camp, although some may have attended a year earlier or a year later.  Some of these alumni, in addition, may have been geophysics option, so would not have attended field camp.


Attendee List
Name Contact
Frederick J Allen  
Carl J Carlson  
Paul L Archer  
Joseph M Babinetz  
William K Behrens  
Capt. Frederick Y Borden, III  
Charles M Boyer, II  
Scott  B Cline  
Alan S Cuddy  
Robert K Dickson  
James A (Jim) Ewart, Jr. (MS85)  
Barry L Fisher  
Robert R Fullerton, Jr.  
Wayne E Gerberick  
Michael Homiak  
Gay A Howell Deamer  
Jerry L Kuzior  
David M Jenkins  
Jane E Jenness (XC only)  
B Keith Kaneda  
Leona C Kobus  
Randall L (Randy) Maud  
Steven A (Steve) Mellon  
M Craig Miller  
Mark A Miller  
Robert D Muzzi, Jr.  
Wayne M Narr  
Joan M (Schweinsberger) Richarde  
David R Robinson  
Randolph W (Randy) Scott  
Joseph M Tarantino  
Eric Von Lunen  
Catherine M Woehr  
Randy M Wood  
Ramona Weakland  


   Charles Thornton (cross-country volcanology trip), Duff Gold, Deane Smith, Barry Voight, Derrill Kerrick

   Barry Scheetz

Where They Stayed
   YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana and Northwest Community College, Powell, Wyoming (group split); U of U (for the Alta metamorphics project)

Major Projects
   Elk Basin, Beartooth front, Stillwater, Heart Mountain detachment, group then split between Teton Wilderness in Wyoming and Alta metamorphics in Utah. 

From the YBRA Annual Meeting Minutes, courtesy of Russ & Linda Dutcher: "31 students expected with 33 expected next year."

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Click here to read Joan Richarde's comments on the Alta experience and a pre-camp volcanology trip

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures: (thanks to Steve Mellon, Barry Voight, Wayne Narr, Gay Deamer, and Duff Gold for the images)


Alumni Field Camp 1975 Photos
DuPage IL landfill
DuPage IL landfill
Scott Cline is on the higher step
Randy Maud, Bob Fullerton, and Jerry Kuzior
front: ?, Randy Wood, Steve, Ramona, Joe Tarentino
Bob Fullerton in the center
Ramona and Barry Voight in the center, Joan next to yellow shirt, Carl Carlson on the right
Homestake Mine  Steve Mellon at left, Carl Carlson in grey hat at lower left
Mt Rushmore  Steve, Craig Miller, Jerry Kuzior, Mike Homiak, Carl Carlson, Jim Ewart(?)
Mt Rushmore  Steve, Randy Wood, Ramona, Gay, Joan, Jim Ewart
Wind River Canyon
Big Horn Mtns
Jerry Kuzior or Wayne Narr on the left
Bighorn Basin road trip, Randy W
Craig Miller, Bighorn Basin
Wind River Canyon
In the Hebgen Lake quake the boulder at lower right smashed the outhouse.
Randy Scott in the yellow cap, Bob Fullerton facing the camera
Snowball fight, Beartooth Plateau
Snowball fight, Beartooth Plateau "zebra rock" at the Stillwater complex  Barry Scheetz at left, Duff Gold in blue shirt, Wayne Narr behind Duff, Bob Dickson below Duff, Steve and Mike Homiak to the right of Bob, Randy Scott at top right with yellow cap, Joe Babinetz shirtless with a hammer, Randy Wood in the back using his hand lens, Deane Smith in right background Steve Mellon and Mike Homiak at the Stillwater Starting the wilderness hike
setting out on the Teton Wilderness trip Teton wilderness hike Carl & Jim waiting to cross on a log Jim falling off log, after crossing the stream. Steve and Randy M on bank
Eric crossing snowfields Teton trip. Steve, ?, Eric near the continental divide At the continental divide. Randy M, Randy W, Eric, Carl
halfway on the Teton trip, Continental Divide Group at the continental divide At the continental divide Crossing a snowfield
Jim Ewart behind in the snow rest stop Short rest Randy Wood and Steve crossing stream on a log
Weathering the storm Drying out, Steve & Randy W wet camp on the Wilderness trip Group at the Yellowstone River
preparing for a ford crossing the Yellowstone River, Wilderness trip fording the Yellowstone fording the river
fording the Yellowstone fording the Yellowstone Jim Ewart fording the river fording the Yellowstone
Steve Mellon crossing the Yellowstone Randy Wood Barry Voight in camp
Bob Dickson in camp Jerry Kuzior in camp Eric von Lunen in camp Jim Ewart in camp
Mike Homiak in camp Paul Archer in camp Ralph(?)  in camp Rick in camp
Steve (Sam) in camp Carl Carson in camp Randy Wood in camp Barry Voight in camp
Paul Archer & Barry Camp scene Mike cleaning up The one that got away
A watched pot never boils cutthroat trout dinner Steve after the Wilderness trip Camp
after the Teton trip Same picture, different shadows after the Teton trip