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Joan Schweinsberger Richarde on the 1975 Alta Experience and a Volcanology Field Trip

Joan Richarde - Field Camp 1975I just found the wonderful archive of Field Camp memories....  Thank you for your work on it!  I was one of the students in Summer of 1975.  The 1974 field camp group had the second part of field camp in Dillon, Montana (after YBRA, Red Lodge) but I think there was a scheduling conflict at Dillon, so Derrill Kerrick & Barry Voight made other plans.  For our field camp, we split into two groups after Red Lodge.  The group pictured for 1975 chose the Teton Wilderness experience with Dr. Voight.  The other group, including myself, drove to Salt Lake City with Dr. Kerrick, to be the first PSU field camp to study the contact metamorphism up at Alta.  Once I knew what we'd be studying up at Alta, there was no question which option I'd take!  For me Alta was the perfect culmination of field camp... studying everything I loved most -- igneous & metamorphic petrology.  It was the perfect textbook example of the P-T changes in mineralogy through the sediment layers that the intrusion intersected.

That same year, Dr. C.P. Thornton gave a graduate course in Volcanology (Spring 1975), followed by a special field trip looking at igneous & volcanic features in Colorado, Arizona, Southern Utah, Death Valley, & New Mexico. That trip was the most fun & exciting learning experience of my education at Penn State.  Only 2 undergrads were admitted to the class and field trip.  They were Bob Dickson & myself, Joan Schweinsberger.  Because the end of the trip with Dr. Thornton was after the Field Camp group was already on the cross-country trip, Bob & I were dropped off in Kansas City to take a bus up to Minnesota (Duluth I think), to join the Field Camp group enroute. 

Looking at the years of pictures at YBRA brought back so many memories.  I thought we had taken a photo of the whole group on the porch just like the 1991 picture, but perhaps it got lost along the way.  Again thanks for the archive!

In my professional life, I go by the name Joan Richarde since 1984.  I moved to Missoula, Montana in '82, having fallen in love with the West on those two field trips late spring & summer 1975.  I'd love to have my email address added to the
list for Field Camp 1975.  If another Red Lodge reunion is ever planned, please let me know...

All the best,
Joan Richarde
Montana Public Radio,