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Additional remarks by Barry Voight on the 1975 trip

Barry Voight - Field Camp 1975These guys have great memories and/or really good field notebooks. I remember pretty much all of it, including the tinny sounds in the bushes that turned into a pistachio-coated spoon and the challenging Yellowstone fording. Pistachio thus became a regular import into the Iceland project in late 1970s-1980s. The take-off and return spot for the trek was Togwotee Lodge, on the road heading east from Jackson Hole. The trout were cutthroats. Like Jim, I remember our first tall beer in the Lodge, at the end of that long dusty and sweaty day, as the best I ever had.

     Incidentally the drinking age in Wyoming was 17. Otherwise of course, these lads could not have had alcoholic beverages. Or Steve's magic powder, the freeze-dried cactus fluff destined to make a million for the inventor. Or be ready for enlistment at Parris Island.

     I'm guessing I didn't teach the full field camp that year, but came out to take over from Duff to do the last 3 weeks or so, i.e. Heart Mountain area project (White Mtn etc), and then lead the whole group through Yellowstone, Hebgen earthquake area, then Jackson Hole, before splitting and wrapping it up with our little trek.

     On this trip (or another a year or so before?) the PSU group was joined by Bart Jenks and his wife. Bart taught Mech Eng at PSU and was on crutches or wheelchair because of polio as a kid, but they were doing a camping trip through the west and were with us at White Mtn, Jackson Hole too, when we split up. Impressive to see him get around in the field; inspiring really. Bart worked with me on a mechanical model of the Heart Mtn movement.