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Field Camp 1977
Field camp group in Albion Basin. Lee DiStefano with dark hair, no shirt, front center-left; Mark Pawlewicz in the orange hat; Jay W Jones IV green shirt with white trim on the right (thanks to Pierre Zippi & Mark Pawlewicz for the IDs)

Field Camp 1977

In 1977 the Geological Sciences Major included options in Geophysics, Geochemistry-Mineralogy, and Geology.  Geology and G&M required GSc 470, Introduction to Field Geology, during the academic terms and summer GSc 472, Field Geology.  A pre-camp cross-country excursion was available as GSc 471.  Most of these names are from the database of 1978 Geosciences alumni that, hopefully, is a proxy for 1977 field camp, although some may have attended a year earlier or a year later.  Some of these alumni, in addition, may have been geophysics option, so would not have attended field camp.  Thanks to Pierre Zippi and Mark Pawlewicz for additional names.


Attendee List
Name Contact
Kevin J Breen (MS 82)  
Robert G Brewer  
Vincent P Caggia, Jr.  
Lee DiStefano  
Steven B Easton  
William R Gerber  
Philip S Getty  
Joel R Greer  
Laurie A Gregory-Frost  
Keith C Hackley  
Karen Merz Jacobson  
Jay W Jones IV  
Dennis J Maiorino  
James S Marshall  
Michael L McCarthy  
Richard J McKeever  
Joseph T McNally  
Bradley J Meese  
John S Mellow  
Christopher P Misitano  
Beth A Moore  
Michael P Morgan  
Mark J Pawlewicz  
Lawrence J Pekot  
Frank N Repplier  
Carol Lukoff Schrenkel  
Donald E Schroder  
Larry E Shanabrook  
Robert B Sidlowe  
Mark A Smolley  
Joseph D (Joe) Taglieri  
Edward W Tomko  
Michael N Veloski  
Mark G Wallace  
James L Warren  
Mark E Weis  
Thomas R Wood  
Pierre A Zippi  


   Deane Smith (cross-country),
Duff Gold, Derrill Kerrick, Gene Williams, Rob Scholten


Where They Stayed (thanks to Mark Weis and Pierre Zippi)
   Alta Peruvian Lodge, Alta, Utah

Major Projects
   Wasatch Front Quaternary geology, Alta overthrust, Alta stock, Alta skarns

Click here to read some stories from Pierre Zippi and Mark Pawlewicz

Click here to read the memories of Gene Williams about the Utah years

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Alumni Field Camp 1977 Photos
Derrill Kerrick teaches in the SLC foothills
Derrill Kerrick & Gene Williams lecture at the Utah Survey in SLC
Derrill Kerrick & Gene Williams lecture in SLC
Dotty Duck & the Kerricks, Catherine Pass, Alta
Albion Basin, Alta
Williams & Kerrick photograph from the top of Snowbird