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Stories from Pierre Zippi about Penn State Field Camp 1977

There are some classic stories from '77. One, on the way out, where we (Mark Pawlewicz was the driver) forgot a guy (nice quiet guy) in some dusty little town after a shopping (drinking?) trip. We drove back to the camp. The next morning someone noticed he was missing. We drove back to town that morning and found him sleeping on a bench in front of a closed store. He was really mad, but he told a hilarious story about trying to stay warm with a mangy little stray dog -- the only other living thing in town that night. Contact Pawlewicz; he can tell the story better and probably remembers the forgotten one's name.

Schroder came within an inch of a horrible death after he set loose a landslide of boulders and scree (after we were repeatedly told to keep off the slope).  He was chased down the slope by a boulder three times his size.  Every time the oblong boulder made a revolution, it would catch him in the back of the legs, looking like it was going to pull him under. We took him to a regional hospital in (Eau Claire?) Wisconsin where he was stitched-up.

I have a few other stories, but they are probably not suitable for the website. One about....

Additional Comments by Mark Pawlewicz about Penn State Field Camp 1977

Pierre's story -- he remembers well but missed a small detail.  The missing camper was Joe Taglieri.  He helped me with
driving that year; we did the cross country trip also.  The missed connection was in the Black Hills.  We had gone in town to see Rushmore.  Joe wanted to get a shower, or maybe it was both a shower and laundry.  We would have been happy for either.  He was my partner on the first exercise, mapping the Wasatch front.
  I did indeed forget to pick him up, but then no one else noticed he was missing!  His story about the evening on a bench was quite funny -- it was in the telling.  He had the whole town to himself.

In your group picture at Albion basin, that is me in the orange hat and no shirt.  In the parking lot group photo, Frank Repplier sits on the far left and Kim Thomas (only on cross country trip) is sitting on the blacktop several people to the right.  Deane Smith (in the khakis) is on the far right.  He was only in camp on the cross country portion.  He loved the pegmatites in the Black Hills!