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 Cross-country group at Dinosaur National Monument.

Cross-country group at Dinosaur National Monument. Far back: Stan Fielding, ?, Dan Chess, ?, Dean Schaefer; Middle: Ezat Heydari, ?, Glenn Lovitz, Dave Miller, John Hendler, Gloria DePaolis, Kate Chess, Toni Winslow, Eve Erskine, Sharon Leblanc, Teddy Hurliman Kreitz, Ruth Mazella; Front: Debbie Thompson, Carl H Taylor, John Weaver, Dick Craig, Danny Duck, James Fink, Dave Giffin. Credit: Kate & Dan Chess. IDs: Kate, Dan, Dave Giffin, Carl H Taylor

Field Camp 1978

In 1978 the Geological Sciences Major included options in Geophysics, Geochemistry-Mineralogy, and Geology.  Geology and G&M required GSc 470, Introduction to Field Geology, during the academic terms and summer GSc 472, Field Geology.  A pre-camp cross-country excursion was available as GSc 471.  Some of these names are from Kate and Dan Chess, supplemented by names from the database of 1979 Geosciences alumni that, hopefully, is a proxy for 1978 field camp.  There are more names than people at the camp, perhaps because some attended a year earlier or a year later.  Some of these alumni, in addition, may have been geophysics option, so would not have attended field camp.


Attendee List
Name Contact
David E Bench  
Michael P Binder  
David B Bodnar  
Marsha Spencer Bollinger  
Lynn S Charuk  
Catherine (Kate) Connell Chess  
Daniel L Chess  
Gloria A DePaolis  
Paul S Dysart  
Evangeline V Erskine  
Patrick A (Pat) Fenderson  
Stanley J Fielding  
James C Fink  
David E (Dave) Giffin  
W Thomas (Tom) Goerold (MS80)  
Barbara L Hajel  
Ezat Heydari  
Douglas P Heller  
John W Hendler, Jr.  
Jeffrey L Hoffman  
Janet C Kappmeyer  
Timothy W (Kip) Kipp  
Theodora (Teddy) Hurliman Kreitz  
Joseph J Lee, Jr.  
Glenn Lovitz  
Ruth A Mazzella  
David Miller  
Sharon Leblanc Moate  
Cindie Lynch Mullen  
Timothy B Mullen  
Terance A O'Reilly  
Richard W Perry  
Dean A Schaefer  
Paul Sliva  
Darlene Mueser Smalley  
Richard C Smalley  
Carl H Taylor  
Debora B (Debbie) Thompson  
Nancy H Uziemblo  
Julian D Warner  
John M Weaver  
Toni Michele Winslow  


Faculty (thanks to Kate and Dan Chess and Paul Sliva for information on this year)
Gene Williams, Derrill Kerrick, Duff Gold, Art Rose (Allen White from LaTrobe Univ was along on the trip out)

   Dick (Rachel) Craig

Where They Stayed
   Alta Peruvian Lodge, Alta, Utah

Major Projects
   Wasatch Front Quaternary geology, Alta overthrust, Black Rocks volcanic field, Alta stock, Alta skarns

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Click here to read some additional comments on the Peruvian over the years by Dave Eggler

Click on the images to enlarge: (thanks to Kate and Dan Chess for the photos)


Alumni Field Camp 1978 Photos
The T-shirt, designed by Dave Giffin, shows the mountains behind the Peruvian from the opposite hillslope.
Somewhere in Illinois on the cross-country trip. Ruth (green shirt), Dan and Danny Duck in foreground
Lecture at Red Rocks (Denver). Gloria (facing camera), Eve (yellow slicker) and Dan (blue shirt)
Dick Craig lectures in Rocky Mtn Natl Park
Stan and Dave in snow, Rocky Mtn Natl Park camp Eve at a bonfire, FishLake Natl Forest Stan in Dinosaur Natl Monument
Teddy, Tom (facing camera), and Stan hiking in Dinosaur Natl Monument Stopping at a Philips Petroleum pipeline Sulfur pit in southern Utah Picnic at Milford, Utah. Paul Sliva (cowboy hat), Dan, Mark Smolley (red shirt) and Toni at right
A tower of geoscientists at Milford Three towers at Milford. Derrill at bottom left of the human tower Teddy at Lake Mary, Alta-Brighton area Students at Lake Mary, Alta-Brighton area
Tim and Cindy Muller (center two) at Lake Mary Derrill goes into the pool at the Alta Peruvian Derrill and the cook in the pool at the Alta Peruvian (see the Chess narrative) The Alta Peruvian Slodge (see the Chess narrative and look carefully for the "S")