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1978 Penn State Geosciences Field Camp

Derrill Kerrick - 1978 Field CampDerrill Kerrick remembers that in 1978 the students were not happy with the food or the quality of the facilities at the Alta Peruvian Lodge.  They took to calling it the Alta Peruvian Slodge (see photo and the recollections of Kate and Dan Chess).  At the end of camp they sabotaged the plumbing system with toilet paper, a system that teetered on the edge of functionality in the best of circumstances.

He also remembers that two students, while mapping on the Alta stock isograds project, lost track of where they were, both on the map and on the ground.  They crossed over the ridge between Alta and Snowbird and, by now WAY out of the area, headed down toward Heber City.  They somehow ended up in Provo, to which Dick Craig drove and picked them up.