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 Field Camp 1980

Field trip "kitchen group" partners, probably Daniel's Pass overlook southeast of Heber City, Utah. 23 June 1980Left to right: Kelly Bortle, Julianne Turko, Kirk Hardy, Wynne Walker, Mark Stalter, Margaret Hoffman, and Mike Pozenbanchuk. Photo courtesy of Kirk Hardy.

Click here for a photo at Stockdale Kimberlite, Kansas that shows much of the group

Field Camp 1980

In 1980 options for the Geosciences degree were the general option, biogeology, and geophysics.  The general option and biogeology required Geosc 470, Introduction to Field Geology, during the academic year and summer Geosc 472, Field Geology.  A pre-camp cross-country excursion was available as GSc 471.


Attendee List
Name Contact
Jeffrey Allen  
Margaret Ashbrook  
Charles Baron  
Ronald Bilotti  
Kelly Bortle  
Lisa Bratton  
Eric Brown  
Michael Burns  
Jeffrey Buzonas  
Frank Carolas  
Adam Crist  
Bruce Crocker  
Peter DeBarber  
Duane Dopkin  
James Dorian  
Ron Eberly  
Stephen Field  
Thomas Fitzpatrick  
Kirk Hardy  
Paul Heidgerd  
Margaret Hoffman  
Lawrence Holgate  
David Kistner  
Joseph Kordzi  
James Lehrman  
Brian Lipsitz  
Jeffrey List  
Ruth Mallette  
Joel Mazer  
William McCloskey  
Gordon McCurry  
Barton McManus  
Edward Mikucki  
Sarah Miller (Univ Maine)  
Bruce Nichols  
Thomas Panian  
Michael Pozenbanchuk  
Ivan Puplidy  
Donna Reynolds  
Joel Richman  
James Rutledge  
Joseph Sita  
Rodney Slota  
Vincent Sortman  
Mark Stalter  
Kim Touysinhthiphonexay (MS82, PhD87)  
Julianne Turko  
Mark Ulrich  
Steve VanKouteren  
Donald Varner  
Wynne Walker  
Michael Walsh  
Nikki White  
Edward Wilcosky  
David Witter  
Kenneth Young  
Alexander Zdzinski  



    Tom Gardner, Duff Gold, Derrill Kerrick, Rudy Slingerland

   Don Voigt (MS83), John Stamm (MS81), Doug Tietbohl (MS81)

Where They Stayed
   Van Cott Apartments, U of U, Salt Lake City

Major Projects
   Parleys Canyon, Salt Lake area geomorphology, Alta overthrust, Black Rocks volcanics, Alta stock

Michael Pozenbanchuk writes that "My career now involves nothing about geology, but I am still in science and engineering [with Shell Global Solutions] and still use a lot of what I learned way back then."  We were saddened to learn that Mike died in 2008 in Houston.

Kirk Hardy writes that "Looking back on field camp almost 33 years later, I realize what an important role that John, Don, Doug, Tom, Derrill, Rudy, Duff, and my field partners played in inspiring what became a lifelong passion for geology as a career and the Rockies as a home. So, here’s a belated but heartfelt “Thank you!” to John, Don, Doug, Tom, Derrill, Rudy, Duff, Ruth Mallette, Kelly Bortle, Julianne Turko, Margaret Hoffman, Wynne Walker, Mark Stalter, Mike Pozebanchuk, and Ron Eberly—especially Duff and John—for the geology adventure of a lifetime, and the confidence and inspiration to become a proud Penn State geologist."  Kirk has been working for an environmental geology consulting firm in Laramie, Wyoming since 1993.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge more images: (thanks to Kirk Hardy for most of these and for captioning them)


Alumni Field Camp 1980 Photos
1980 T-shirt. Design by John Stamm.
Indiana Dunes State Park, south shore of Lake Michigan, near Tremont, Indiana, 15 June 1980.
Indiana Dunes State Park, south shore of Lake Michigan, near Tremont, Indiana, 15 June 1980.  Note MANY blue vans!
Graham Cave State Park, near Danville, Missouri, 16 June 1980.
Historic Front Street, Dodge City, Kansas, 17 June 1980. Stockdale kimberlite, Kansas Stockdale kimberlite Stockdale kimberlite
Tom Gardner ponders soil at Stockdale On the climb to the summit of Two Buttes, Two Buttes Reservoir State Fishing Area, near Two Buttes, Colorado, 18 June 1980. Commodore Mine workings on the Creede Caldera rim, 19 June 1980. The rocks are ash-flow deposits from the main volcanic vent, 26-30 m.y. old. Commodore Mine
camp Wallowing in the drums sands along the Green River near Split Mtn Gorge, Dinosaur National Monument, near Vernal, Utah, 22 June 1980.  Left to right: Ron Eberly, Mark Stalter, Daver Kistner, Kirk Hardy, Jim Lehrman, Tom Panian, and unknown. View west from the Flagstaff arete, Wasatch Mtns above Alta, Utah, 9 July 1980. Pumice Hole Mine, Mineral Mtns, near Milford, Utah, 17 July 1980.
Bingham Canyon open pit mine, Bingham Canyon, Oquirrh Range, outside Salt Lake City, 23 July 1980.  Interesting historical photo. Today the pit walls are much steeper, just short of a failure slope, and the benches aresteeper and more widely-spaced because ore is moved by truck, not railroad cars. The Albion Basin, Wasatch Mtns above Salt Lake City, 30 July 1980. This was the setting for the 3rd through 6th mapping exercises. View south toward Mount Olympus in the Wasatch Mtns from Van Cott Apartments, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, 4 August 1980.  The camp stayed at the Van Cott while mapping near Salt Lake City.