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Field Camp Class of 1981

Comments and Weblinks from the Field Camp Class of 1981

Marty Portik: "I just stumbled upon the alumni pages for field camp; I got a huge kick out of them.   I went in 1981 and always had great memories, including the snowstorm at Yellowstone.  I also got a big laugh over one of the other pictures -- the one at Craters of the Moon.  That's me holding the boulder up over my head.  I vaguely remember that picture being taken but not who took it.  I'm not a geologist anymore (since the great oilfield layoffs in 1983).  I am a construction manager for a large engineering firm and earned a 2nd BS in civil engineering from Drexel University in 2002 and am now a licensed P.E. in Pennsylvania."

Jim White: "The Field Trip Alumni page is great.  Brings back many memories (all good!).  I am currently President, Quantum Geophysical in Houston.... I was recently President & CEO, Trace Energy Services, Ltd. in Calgary until we were bought in 2005 and prior to that I was with Western Geophysical (now WesternGeco) for over 25 years.  As some would know, I worked on seismic field crews over the summer months of my college years and have continued on."