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Rob Leet Revisits Alta in December, 2013

Rob Leet - 1983 Field Camp

After graduating from PSU in 1984, Rob obtained a PhD from the University of Washington in 1991.  He is presently (2014) a Senior Environmental Geologist with GeoEngineers in Seattle.  Alta Ale - 1983 Field Camp

He revisited Alta in 2013.  He writes: "In late December 2013, I returned to the Little Cottonwood Canyon for the first time since my original visit with the PSU field school crew 30 years ago.  This time I wasn’t there to map the geology, but rather to experience the legendary Utah powder with my family (wife Sue, daughter Donna [20], and son Rob [19]).  It hadn’t snowed for a week by the time we arrived on the 26th, so we didn’t get to experience knee-deep powder as I had hoped.  Nonetheless, it was great to take in the splendor of the familiar north canyon wall in the late afternoon sun from the ski slopes of Alta and Snowbird.  Flying downhill on skis is certainly a more efficient way to cover the canyon’s vast acreage than hiking up and down the rocky slopes carrying a rock hammer, triplet, and field book!  A highlight for me was walking the halls of the Alta Peruvian Lodge once again, re-living great memories from the Summer of 1983 and realizing how little the lodge has changed.  I felt a sentimental bond with the canyon, and I dream of returning again someday in hopes of floating effortlessly through heaps of dry, fluffy snow."

He included images of the Alta Peruvian sign (little changed in 30 years) and a vintage Alta Ale.


Alta Peruvian Lodge - 1987 Field Camp