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Dave Eggler's Memories About 1985 Field Camp

Dave Eggler - 1985 Field CampI started teaching field camp in 1984, but I only did the stock exercise.  In 1985 I did Marysvale, part of the Alta overthrust exercise, and the Alta Stock.  I arrived in Salt Lake City by air and almost immediately left with the group for Marysvale.  Part of my luggage arrived after our departure, so Bill Brusse kindly loaned me his sneakers, which I wore for the exercise.  This was the hottest year of the many that I spent at Marysvale.  At the end of the last field day, I was ready to drink anything, including radiator water.  Fortunately, more palatable beverages were available fifteen miles away at camp in Monroe.  I remember wonderful scones and relishes served at Monroe, which obliterate any memory of the other food.  I also remember numerous vehicle breakdowns, to which Frank and his mechanical friends applied their considerable automotive skills.

     Frank's narrative reminds me of Arthur Lee and the many Arthur Lee stories.  One is that he was constantly losing his field book.  Once, on the overthrust project, I observed him wandering around without map, field book, or partner.  Some probing revealed that his partner and the map were at least in the vicinity.  He was reminded to stay with his partner.  His field book, it seems, had disappeared the previous day.  I asked when he had last seen it.  He had last seen it on the outcrop of Tintic-like Mineral Forks just below the Alta-Snowbird road (that outcrop now lies below a heliport).  I drove him there, and it took me only two minutes to find the field book, along with several pencils.  Another time I wanted to find Arthur.  Some classmates told me to check the Alta Lodge, which is up the road from the Peruvian where we stayed, and which no one should have had an occasion to visit.  The staff at the Alta Lodge knew Arthur very well: he came in every morning and leisurely had a coffee and pastry!  When confronted, Arthur said, oh yeah, he went in there to get more pencils. 

     A couple corrections on Frank's story of the high school girls.  I think it was a high school retreat, although the participants were probably Mormon.  I think it was both boys and girls, but who remembers the boys?

     I remember a very pleasant and lengthy brunch at The Rustler with the Brusses, and several spirited games of Trivial Pursuit in the Peruvian lounge area.  And I remember looking at Frank's pictures of Italian festivals and parades in his hometown in Pennsylvania and his enthusiasm for those traditions.  I know that continues today, as he revisits his hometown in Italy.  And of course we kidded him about his beloved Yankees, who weren't doing so well in those years.  I also remember that Andy Donnelly left immediately after camp for a family vacation in Pago Pago, which, according to him, is pronounced Pongo Pongo.  That engendered a certain number of jokes.

     I went back with the vans and the crew across the country to Pennsylvania for the first time in 1985.  I did this for 18 or 19 of the 20 years I did field camp.  Sometimes I thought it was my real role.  No side trips to Canada on my watch.  I remember a campaign of hand-lettered signs flashed at passing Nebraska football fans, in Nebraska, because Penn State had defeated Nebraska a couple of years previously (see the photo).  I also remember that Fidele examined every trinket in every convenience store every time we stopped for gas and had to be pushed out of every store and back into a van.  And, as for every year thereafter, I remember very little that happened between Missouri and Pennsylvania.