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 Penn State Geosciences Field Camp Group 1990

In front of the Alta Peruvian Lodge. Top row: Tom, Doc, Mike, Adam, Erik, Dave, Mark W. Middle row: Mark E, Sue, Barb (behind), Joe, Muatasam, Dan, Yoko. Bottom row: Sharon, Seth, Greg. Credit: Joe Pyle

Field Camp 1990

In 1990 options for the Geosciences degree were the general option, biogeology, and geophysics.  The general option and biogeology required Geosc 470, Introduction to Field Geology, during the academic year and summer Geosc 472, Field Geology.  A pre-camp cross-country excursion was available as Geosc 471.


Attendee List
Name Contact 
Muatasam "Matt" Al-Raisi  
Susan Altman  
Tom Colozzo  
Mark S Elson  
Yoko Furukawa (PhD '94)  
Erik Hinsman  
Tetsuya Kato "Mr. T"  
Barbara Marin  
Seth Narehood  
Joseph Pyle  
Gregory Ronczka  
Sharon Scanlon Minchak  
Michael Taraszki  
Dan Vanderheiden  
Adam Weaver  
Mark Williams  

   Duff Gold, Dave Eggler

   Kevin (Doc) Hoover

Where They Stayed
   YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana; U of U, Salt Lake City; Alta Peruvian Lodge, Alta, Utah; Monroe Hot Springs, Utah

Major Projects
   Elk Basin, Rosebud, Salt Lake area surficial deposits, Gun Club quarry, Alta overthrust, Alta stock, Marysvale volcanics

Some of Dave Eggler and Doc Hoover's "Silly Awards"
   Joe: The Ronald Reagan Award -- smiling no matter what, AND The Trivial Pursuit Award -- a mind filled with useless clutter
   Dan: LaZBoy Award -- for sleeping in a chair
   Erik: The Avis Award -- the Alps are #1, but he settled for the Rockies
   Yoko: The Brunswick Award -- acting like a human bowling ball when rolling downhill
   Muatasam: The "Gipper" Award -- for collecting the best nickname -- Montage of the Middle Ophir
   Sharon: The AT&T Let Your Fingers Do The Walking Award -- for obvious reasons, AND The Sealy Perfect Sleeper Award -- again for obvious reasons
   Mark W: The Greyhound Award -- most likely to join Yoko on a bus out of Richfield
   Mark E: The Flagstaff Award for heroically entering that mine when completely hung over
   Tom: The Army-Navy Award -- a wardrobe straight from the Combat Zone
   Seth: The Lost Sheep Award -- for bleating sadly when lost on numerous occasions
   Mike: Another Serta Perfect Sleeper Award, again for obvious reasons
   Sue: The Mad Max Award and The Smoky and the Bandit Award -- most likely to raise car insurance in Wyoming
   Adam: The Leroy Award -- for laboriously drafting all maps with a Leroy set and still having time (barely) to write reports
   Greg: Dr. Scholl Award -- for putting his foot in his mouth numerous times
   Duff: "Suds McKenzie" Award for barely consuming flat, stale, month-old keg beer
   Doc: The Stephen King Award for collecting things too weird to mention out loud

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Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images: (thanks to Joe Pyle for the photos)


Alumni Field Camp 1990 Photos
T-shirt. Artwork by Doc Hoover
T-shirt back
Wall Drug, South Dakota. "Lookee, Maw, new cowboy hats!"
Tent city, Thermopolis, Wyoming Duff at Powder River Pass Doc Hoover, YBRA Cubic (or hexagonal?) closest packing, Yellowstone
Bad times in Little Cottonwood Canyon "anger on the outcrop," or "slickenside schismatics," Albion Basin, Alta, Utah