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1990 Field Camp

Comments about the 1990 Penn State Geosciences Field Camp

Joe PyleJoe Pyle writes: "It was with great delight that I stumbled upon the Penn State  Geosciences Field Camp Alumni Page. It is hard to believe that more  than 15 years (for me) have passed since the travails of Elk Basin,  the Western Overthrust, the aureole around the Alta Granodiorite, and the Marysvale caldera (FIAMME!!!). Despite the fact of the 2 pints of  blood I lost in Elk Basin (urk), I have nothing but fond memories of  what, in many ways, remains my seminal educational experience.  Here's my best group photo (above).  Looks like Yoko is calling upon the Gods of High Elevation to prevent  her from getting loopy again and rolling down a steep slope of jagged  bits of the Tintic formation....
     I am immensely proud to be an alum of the PSU geology program, and I  hope that my accomplishments, whatever they are, reflect well upon the traditions and rich history of Penn State Geosciences."


Mark ElsonMark Elson: "I just found the field camp website.  Many thanks for creating and maintaining it.  It brings back many fond memories (and the occasional nightmare)."  Mark is now a Professional Geologist with the Civil Design Branch  of USACE in Nashville.