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 Field Camp 1991

Skarn at Alta. Front: Mark, Joe A; 2nd row: Mouza, Dave, Joe D; 3rd row: Scott N, Beth, Scott L, Phil, Gary, Kurt, Tanja

Field Camp 1991

In 1991 the Geosciences curriculum changed yet again.  Among those changes, Geosc 470, Introduction to Field Geology, was no longer required for the Geosciences degree.  Geosc 470 continued for Earth Science students and others until 2004.  But Geosc 472, Field Geology, was required, and Geosc 471 was again offered as a pre-camp cross-country excursion.


Attendee List
Name Contact 
Mouza Al-Marhoobi  
Joe Andrew  
Beth Carson  
Gary Daub  
Joe DeWalle  
Kurt Fritz  
Phil Gray  
Tanja Leggett  
Scott Lookingbill  
Scott Nowicki  
Mark R Stephens  



   Duff Gold, Dave Eggler

   Kevin (Doc) Hoover, Arnold Doden, Mark Moats

Where They Stayed
   YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana; U of U, Salt Lake City; Alta Peruvian Lodge, Alta, Utah; Richfield, Utah

Major Projects
   Elk Basin, Rosebud, Salt Lake area surficial deposits, Gun Club quarry, Alta overthrust, Alta stock, Marysvale volcanics

Dave Eggler's "Silly Awards"
   Joe D: The No-Doz Award
   Scott L: The "Well Done" Award from the Hawaiian Tanning Lotion Company
   Mouza: The You're-Talking-Too-Loud Award
   Tanja: Mighty Mouth Award
   Scott N: Flower Power Award
   Gary: Can-You-Keep-Him-Down-on-the-Farm After-He's-Seen-Utah Award
   Mark S: Driver of The Year Award
   Beth: The "You're A What?" Award
   Kurt: The "Missing Link" Award from the Utah Cattlemen's Association
   Phil: The Seagram's Seven Award
   Joe A: The Semi-Artistic T-Shirt of the Year Award

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Alumni Field Camp 1991 Photos
T-shirt. Artwork by Doc Hoover
Back of T-shirt
Beartooth Butte
Beartooth Pass
Mountain View, Stillwater YBRA Tower Falls Hebgen Lake
Alta stock Alta stock Bingham Mine pit Bingham