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 Field Camp 1995

Group at the Tetons

Field Camp 1995

Field course offerings in 1995 were Geosc 471, the pre-camp cross-country excursion, and Geosc 472, Field Geology.


Attendee List
Name Contact 
Peter Adams   
Jennifer Babb  
Susan Bilek  
Josh Borella  
Emily Constantine Mercurio  
Monique Croteau  
Chris Duerr  
Jennifer Farrell  
Andrew Fetterman  
Sean Gaffney  
Stacey Geyer  
Tiffani Heil  
Nate Kaleta  
Joseph Krothe  
Adam Locke  
Chris McCann  
Paul Pinkerton  
Gretchen Price Shub  
Ryan Sincavage  
Andrea Smith  
Glenn Spinelli  
Rich Sucher  
Blair Tormey  
Carmen Vito  
Heather Walaitis  
Micah Weltner  
Mike Wyatt  
Kosei Yamaguchi  
Jennifer Zuck Duerr  


Duff Gold, Dave Eggler

   Linda Mark, Tom Wyland, Kevin (Doc) Hoover, Gale Blackmer, Robin Mock

Where They Stayed
   YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana; U of U, Salt Lake City; Alta Peruvian Lodge, Alta, Utah; Richfield, Utah

Major Projects
   Elk Basin, Rosebud, Salt Lake area surficial deposits, Gun Club quarry, Alta overthrust, Alta stock, Marysvale volcanics

Click here to read some comments from the 1995 class

Some of Dave Eggler's "Silly Awards"
   Jen F: The Mean Sea Level Award for most likely to spend her next summer at sea level
   Mike: Sisko & Ebert Award -- six thumbs up
   Sue: Hemophiliac Award -- no explanation needed
   Micah: the Blair Award and...  Blair: the Micah Award
   Carmen: Just A Day at the Races: Pigs! Pigs to Indy!
   Josh: the Ivy League Menage a Trois Award, or, playing in the ivy
   Emily: the Field Map Regatta Award
   Nate: the Three Lemon Award -- he played the worst odds in Vegas and still won
   Tiffany: Fancy Pants Award -- silk any place, any time
   Rich: Grammy Award for his alarm clock, and an Oscar if he throws it away
   Paul: the Exploding Tent Award -- thanks for the show
   Sean: the Fugitive Award -- he'll need a pseudonym to rent skis again
   Pete: Most Attempts At Bribing TA's
   Andy: Mass Wasting Award for creating rockslides
   Jenn B: Good Morning Sunshine Award
   Joe: Utah Tour Guide Award
   Chris D: Sink the Minnow!
   Adam: the Doc Understudy Award
   Stacey: Bump in the Night Award for her nocturnal noises
   Chris M: The Eat a Peach Award

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Alumni Field Camp 1995 Photos
T-shirt 1995
T-shirt back 1995
Van Hise's Rock
Baraboo, Wisconsin
Baraboo, another view Pipestone, Minnesota Badlands Emily tackles bentonite
Mt. Rushmore Scenic, South Dakota Wind Cave Group field camp 1995
Devils Tower Wyodak coal mine Wyodak coal mine Wyodak coal mine
Line Creek Line Creek Elk Basin Elk Basin
Heart Mtn detachment Beartooth Pass Beartooth race Powder River Pass
Stillwater Stillwater, Mtn View mine area Stillwater, Mtn View mine Tetons
group at YBRA YBRA campus Great Salt Lake Flagstaff Peak, Alta
Albion Basin Alum news: ALTA and Emily C Mercurio More alums: Sean Gaffney and son Liam on Mt. Evans (14,000 ft +), Colorado