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1995 Field Camp Group Photo

Some comments from the 1995 class

Emily Constantine MercurioEmily Constantine Mercurio (2006): "I have an interesting story for you!  Matt Mercurio (who was in field camp in 1994) and I got married in 2003 and had our first daughter a year ago -- we named her Alta. The name came from Alta, Utah, of course and also because it was my great-grandmother's name. Picture attached [see the image gallery]. Thought the field camp/Alta study area alums might be interested in this tidbit!
     Matt and I have many great memories of Igneous Petrology that we discuss regularly.... I got my M.S. from Michigan Tech in 1998, and I've been working since then but I want to continue my studies and volcano research.
     We have another baby due in October -- maybe we'll name he/she Red Lodge!"

Joe Krothe (2007): "I stumbled on the website and wanted to thank you for putting it together. I have so many fond memories of wandering the west that summer and the site helped bring some of those back.
     I graduated from Penn State in December 1996 and moved to Houston, Texas the following July. I have been in Texas ever since. I can't say I am using my degree everyday, but I certainly have many great memories of my days in Happy Valley and the classmates I had. I currently work as a commodities broker in a small company called IVG Energy. I have been married for 4 years and had a new baby girl in April (our first)."

Sean GaffeySean Gaffey (2007): "Since leaving PSU I've spent most of my time in Colorado.  I moved here in 1997 and worked in the civil /geological engineering industry for a while.  In 2001, I began working for the Colorado Geological Survey.  I moved back to PA for two years, met my wife and we now have a son, Liam.  We made the decision in 2006 to move back to Colorado.  We now live in Parker, CO and I resumed my position with the CGS.  I study geological hazards within Colorado as they impact proposed land use and existing infrastructure.  As part of this, I monitor several landslide / rockfall hazard areas along Interstate 70.
     I made it back to Alta, UT in 2001, with Ryan Sincavage, to go skiing.  We drive eight hours from Denver to arrive at the end of a 110" early season storm.  I had a great time skiing the basin and reminisced about what a great experience the summer of 1995 was.  It was great fun to see "Duff's Bench" in the lobby of the Peruvian.   This summer I met with the PSU field camp as they passed through CO on their way to UT.  I was able to meet up with them for a tour of Dinosaur Ridge and a caravan through the Rockies.... 
    I attached a photo of Liam and me on Mt. Evans taken this summer, and another at Colorado National Monument, last autumn."