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 Field Camp 1997

Top of Flagstaff, in the Maxfield Formation, Alta, Utah. Field Camp 1997
Top of Flagstaff, in the Maxfield Formation, Alta, Utah

Field course offerings in 1997 were Geosc 471, the pre-camp cross-country excursion, and Geosc 472, Field Geology.


Attendee List
Name Contact 
Ed Carpenetti  
Dan Cooper  
Tim Creyts  
Jonna Dudash  
Melissa Ehrlich  
Rick Henry  
Kazuhiro Kawakita  
Megan Kovach  
Jason Kronenwether  
Rick McKissock  
Karoline Mehalchic  
Dave Pinkus  
Kim Power Wishcamper  
Jon Rybacki  
Rich Sassaman  
Andy Savill  
Anne Schray  
Eileen Scott Brzoska  
Scott Steele  
Jim Stuby  
Pat Walsh  
Kim Ward  
Joy Wise  
Jarrod Yoder  


Duff Gold, Dave Eggler

   Kevin (Doc) Hoover, Jenn Zuck Duerr, Andrew Sicree, Max Borella

Where They Stayed
   YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana; U of U, Salt Lake City; Alta Peruvian Lodge, Alta, Utah; Monroe Hot Springs, Utah

Major Projects
   Elk Basin, Rosebud, Salt Lake area surficial deposits, Gun Club quarry, Alta overthrust, Alta stock, Marysvale volcanics

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Click on the thumbs to enlarge: (thanks to Eileen Scott Brzoska for some of these)


Alumni Field Camp 1997 Photos
T-shirt back
Badlands, South Dakota
Duff and students in jail, Scenic, SD Wind Cave, SD Fetterman Monument, WY Chugwater Fm, WY
White Elephant Pegmatite, Black Hills  Tim, Anne, Karoline, Stuby Stillwater Complex Eileen, Duff, Anne, Karoline at Stillwater Beartooth Highway
Beartooth Highway Rick at the Heart Mtn glide plane Front of Fanshawe Lodge, YBRA Tetons
Tetons Gun Club Quarry Gun Club Quarry Big Cottonwood Canyon
Alta overthrust project Flagstaff, Alta Jonna crosses a stream (sort of), Alta overthrust project near Duff's Bench, Alta
near Flagstaff Mine, Alta near Flagstaff Mine, Alta Jenn near Flagstaff Mine, Alta Boys in the aspens, Alta overthrust project
Alta overthrust project Grizzly Gulch, Alta Grizzly Gulch, Alta Grizzly Gulch, Alta
Meghan and Jared taking strike and dip in the breccia pipe, Michigan-Utah area  Why a strike and dip? It's a BRECCIA pipe!