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 Field Camp 1998

Belfry, MT (Bat not shown). Front: Sandy, Pete, Karen B, Steph, Kristy, Michelle, Karen M, Michelle; Back: Chris, Fara, Tom, Don, Ben, Laura, Sarah, Paul, Drew, Mike, Eian. Credit: Pete Sak

Field Camp 1998

Field course offerings in 1998 were Geosc 471, the pre-camp cross-country excursion, and Geosc 472, Field Geology.


Attendee List
Name Contact 
Drew Stolar  
Karen McLaughlin  
Chris Krugh  
Stephanie Brown  
Laura Belicka  
Kristy Kompanik  
Karen Bezusko  
Paul Rudalavage  
Fara Lourenso  
Tom Campitelli  
Sandy Martinka  
Ben Haith  
Sarah Schwede  
Mike Lang  
Joslin Kwan  
Michelle Mirigliano  
Eian Harm  


Don Fisher, Duff Gold, Dave Eggler

   Kevin (Doc) Hoover, Pete Sak

Major Projects
   Elk Basin, Rosebud, Wildhorse (White Mtns), Alta overthrust, Alta pluton, Marysvale volcanics

Where They Stayed
   YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana; Wildhorse Campground, Pioneer Mountains, Idaho; Challis Hot Springs, Challis, Idaho; U of U, Salt Lake City; Alta Peruvian Lodge, Alta, Utah; Monroe Hot Springs, Utah

Some of Dave and Pete's "silly awards":
Laura: Big Antlers Award
   Stephanie: ADA Award: she’ll finance every dentist’s greens fees
   Karen Bezusko: The Thumbs-Up Award for impenetrable optimism
   Tom: A Ralph Lauren Award for unsolicited advertising
   Chris: An American Standard Award for making carpet an acceptable receptacle
   Sandy: The American Express Award: don’t leave home without her
   Eian: CHiPS Award for evading Panch and John for so many days
   Paul: The Offroad Vehicle Association Award for taking a Honda where no car should go
   Kristy: The Clay Mineralogical Society Award for promoting the use of expanding clays
   Veggie Karen: The Montana Cattleman Association Award: home, home, on the range
   Drew: Good Morning Sunshine Award, for obvious reasons
   Sarah: The AC Delco Award
   Ben: The Michelle Award
   Michelle: The Ben Award
   Don, Dave, and Pete: Five hours of detention for drinking the wrong stuff in the wrong place

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures: (thanks to Pete Sak for the photos)


Alumni Field Camp 1998 Photos
T-shirt back
At the beginning, Deike Bldg
South Dakota
Turistas Turistas Turistas Powder River Pass
camping Rosebud Rosebud Sunlight Basin
Line Creek Elk Basin Steph at Elk Basin YBRA classroom
YBRA classroom YBRA, photogeology groceries, Arco, ID Idaho
Pete was stuck here on the Burma Road Pocatello to Salt Lake City Wildhorse Campground Antonio's, Challis, ID  Oops, where's Sandy?
Kristy, too much map coloring Alta Alta Alta, snow sliding
Alta overthrust area Duff's Bench, Alta Flagstaff Mtn, Alta Alta recon project
Alta stock project Alta stock Twin Lakes Pass, Alta Alta Peruvian Lodge
Marysvale area