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 Field Camp 2000

Belfry, MT (Bat not shown) Front: Australian guy, Heather, Kim; Back: Jim, Sandy, Erin, Lauren, Vicky, Greg, Chris, Matt, Doug, Justin, Rob, Don, Pete. Credit: Pete Sak

Field Camp 2000

Field course offerings in 2000 were Geosc 471, the pre-camp cross-country excursion, and Geosc 472, Field Geology.


Attendee List
Name  Contact
Vicky Acker  
Jim Arthur  
Greg Baker  
Heather Buss  
Lauren Cooper  
Rob Higbee  
Kim Jenkins  
Chris Junium  
Erin Koch  
Justin Lottig  
Matt Machusik  
Sandy McCarthy  
Jim Myers  
Australian guy  



Rudy Slingerland, Don Fisher, Dave Eggler

   Pete Sak

Where They Stayed
   College of Eastern Utah, Price, Utah; YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana; Wildhorse Campground, Pioneer Mountains, Idaho; Challis Hot Springs, Challis, Idaho; Alta Peruvian Lodge, Alta, Utah

Major Projects
   Book Cliffs, Elk Basin, Rosebud, Wildhorse (White Mtns), Alta overthrust, Alta pluton

Click on the thumbs to enlarge: (thanks to Pete Sak for most of the photos)


Alumni Field Camp 2000 Photos
Back of T-shirt
Road trip
Dead Indian Hill
Hebgen Lake Craters of the Moon Craters Craters of the Moon
Lava tube, Craters of the Moon Wildhorse campground Wildhorse campground Wildhorse campground
Challis Hot Springs Challis Hot Springs joint? bedding? Crossing Boulder Creek, Pioneer Mtns hike
Jim grooves Sandy does too alta project Doug and Lauren  preface to a later Alta Peruvian contest
Alta project Alta project Don Fisher in the Ophir Duff's Bench, Alta project
Duff's Bench Alta stock Alta stock Alta recon project