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 Field Camp 2001

Sitting: Nate, Dave, Erica, Tracy, Brian, Jen A, Liz, Kate, Vanessa, Jen B; Standing: Jon, Matt, Andrew, Clint, Tim, Kyle, Garth, Don, Scott. Credit: Sara Bier

Field Camp 2001

Field course offerings in 2001 were Geosc 471, the pre-camp cross-country excursion, and Geosc 472, Field Geology.


Attendee List
Name Contact 
Liz Achey  
Chad Ambrosius  
Jen Anthony (MS05)  
Vanessa Balint  
Kate Bulinski  
Andrew Campbell  
Nate Crowther  
Jon Fisher  
Garth Llewellyn  
Clint Noble  
Tracy Obarsky  
Erica Schneider  
Kyle Straub  
Matt Thompson  
Brian Tittman  
Tim Watson  


Rudy Slingerland, Don Fisher, Dave Eggler

   Scott Miller, Pete Sak, Sara Bier

Where They Stayed
   College of Eastern Utah, Price, Utah; YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana; Wildhorse Campground, Pioneer Mountains, Idaho; Challis Hot Springs, Challis, Idaho; condos in Park City, Utah

Major Projects
   Book Cliffs, Elk Basin, Rosebud, Wildhorse (White Mtns), Alta overthrust, Alta pluton

Click here to read what Dave Eggler remembers about the 2001 camp

Click on the thumbs to enlarge: (thanks to Pete Sak and Sara Bier for some of the photos)


Alumni Field Camp 2001 Photos
Back of T-shirt. Artwork by Jen Anthony
Book Cliffs
Book Cliffs
Book Cliffs Nate uses unusual Brunton technique at Book Cliffs end of exercise, Price, Utah Line Creek
Clark's Fork Canyon Clark's Fork Canyon YBRA classroom YBRA classroom
YBRA classroom snow sculptures blocking YBRA vans Jen Tetons
Craters Craters Craters of the Moon lava tube 2001 Field Camp
Wildhorse campground Wildhorse campground Vanessa, Clint, and Garth in the Pioneer Mtns Sara atop Borah Peak
Challis Hot Springs Catherine Pass, Alta, UT Duff's Bench, Alta Great Salt Lake
pegmatite/aplite, Alta camp after Alta recon hike after Alta recon hike
after Alta recon hike