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 Group at the Stockton bar, Utah. Field Camp 2008.


Group at the Stockton bar, Utah. Front, l to r:  Maryjo Brounce,  Terryl Daniels, Mike Cronin, Kristen Jurinko, Kethleen Galligan. Middle:  David Travis, Kyle Kohler, Rudy Slingerland, Adam Buhman, Ted Donovan, Jenna Ellis, Sarah Barrett, Christine Regalla.
Back:  Ron Hastings, Brad Kuntz, Matt Legg, Justin Gibel, Tony Walaitis, Zack Kita, Adam Donovan, Justin Kutz. Credit: Rudy Slingerland

Field Camp 2008

In 2008 the field course was the one taught since 1961, Geosc 472, Field Geology.  Since 2005 and the introduction of a Geobiology major, the Penn State Field Camp has been divided into two parts, Geosc 472A, an introduction to geologic field methods; and Geosc 472B, advanced field methods.  Each is three weeks long for a total of six credits towards the degree.  For the traditional Geosciences BS degree, both courses are required, because they are considered a junior-level capstone experience before the students specialize their senior year.  Only Geosc 472A is required for the Geobiology degree, and neither is required for the Geosciences BA degree.


Attendee List
Name Contact 
Barrett, Sarah A  
Brounce, Maryjo N  
Buhman, Adam C  
Cronin, Michael B  
Daniels, Terryl G  
Donovan, Adam M  
Donovan, Theodore C  
Ellis, Jenna  
Galligan, Kathleen  
Gibel, Justin R  
Jurinko, Kristen N  
Kita, Zachary A  
Kohler, Kyle N  
Kuntz, Brad W  
Kutz, Justin M  
Travis, David M  


   Rudy Slingerland, Dave Bice, Eric Kirby, Don Fisher (Director)

Matt Legg, Kristin Morell, Christine Regalla

Where They Stayed
College of Eastern Utah, Price, Utah; Hellgate Apts, Alta, Utah; YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana; Wildhorse Campground, Pioneer Mountains, Idaho

Major Projects
   Book Cliffs, Salt Lake area Quaternary, Elk Basin, Wildhorse (White Mtns), Borah fault scarp, Alta overthrust, Alta Stock

Click here to read the essay of Brad Kuntz on the 2008 field camp

Click on the thumbs to enlarge: (thanks to Christine Regalla and Maryjo Brounce for most of these)


Alumni Field Camp 2008 Photos
At the continental divide atop Loveland Pass, on the trip out
Book Cliffs project. Terryl, Jenna, Sarah, Kathleen, & others
Rudy explains sequence stratigraphy at the Book Cliffs
Ascending the Book Cliffs
Rudy at the bar, Stockton, Utah
Mike, Ted, and Rudy discuss bedforms at the shore of the Great Salt Lake
Trenching sands, Great Salt Lake
Mapping Elk Basin from afar: David, Kyle, Jenna
Busy in the classroom, YBRA
Eric Kirby instructs at Elk Basin
Elk Basin: Mike, Dustin, Brad, Adam
The group on the rim at Elk Basin
Shade for lunch in the Vergelle at Elk Basin, aka The Bat Cave
Kathleen, Dave, Terryl, Mike, Zachary, Tony, and Kristen measure gravity near YBRA
Don talks about detachment on the Heart Mtn trip
Group in Jackson Lake, Tetons. Kyle, Maryjo, Justin K, Jenna, Sarah, Justin G
Justin G, Kyle, Brad, Jenna, Justin K, Sarah
Craters of the Moon
Traversing pahoehoe pressure ridges at Craters of the Moon, Idaho
Sarah, Jenna, and Maryjo at the mouth of a lava tube, Craters
Justin K, Adam B, and Justin G resting on silicified conglomerate, Wildhorse project, central Idaho
Maryjo in the lahar unit, Wildhorse project
Terryl, Justin G, and Justin K relaxing on alluvium, Wildhorse project
Group at the Wildhorse campground, Idaho. Front: Maryjo, Jenna, Sarah, Kristin. Back: Terryl, Brad, Justin G, Don, Adam D, Justin K, Adam B, Ron,Mike
Ascending snow at Alta. On the skyline is Duff's Bench and a thrust fault under the Mineral Forks Formation. Sarah is facing the camera.
Ballgame in the Alta ski resort parking lot
Sitting on Duff's Bench, Alta
Stopping near Bells Canyon Reservoir in the SLC foothills, glacial project
Geology on Mars. A reconstruction at the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City
On top of the world at Alta. Jenna, Sarah, and Maryjo