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 2011 Penn State Geosciences Field School group photo

The group (image from Rudy Slingerland). Front row (left to right): Nazmi Azudin, Azfar Anuar, Sara Fritz, Ellen Chamberlin, Ajwad Azizan, Nasser Almosa, Amri Bukhari, Rudy Slingerland, Tom Rushton.  Middle row (left to right): Alex Burpee (TA), Claire Mondro (TA), Kara Cahoon, Leah Toms, Aziz Sindi, Andrew Pollack, Neil Abdalla, Stallone Teng, Alex Carone, Erika Frey, Genevieve Elsworth, Kevin Ogorzalek, Abrar Al-Abbad.  Back row (left to right): Nate Wysocki, Greg Drelich, Tommy Cahill, Andrew Ryan, Tony Moscatello, Matt Fulton, Dan Bower

Field Camp 2011

In 2011 the field course was the one taught since 1961, Geosc 472, Field Geology.  Since 2005 and the introduction of a Geobiology major, the Penn State Field Camp has been divided into two parts, Geosc 472A, an introduction to geologic field methods; and Geosc 472B, advanced field methods.  Each is three weeks long for a total of six credits towards the degree.  For the traditional Geosciences BS degree, both courses are required, because they are considered a junior-level capstone experience before the students specialize their senior year.  Only Geosc 472A is required for the Geobiology degree, and neither is required for the Geosciences BA degree.

Alumni Field Camp 2011 Attendees
 Name Name  Name 
Abdalla, Neil R
Al-Abbad, Abrar
Almosa, Nasser
Azizan, Muhammad Ajwad
Bower, Daniel P
Cahill, Thomas E
Cahoon, Kara A
Carone, Alexandra R
Chamberlin, Ellen P
Drelich, Gregory M
Elsworth, Genevieve
Frey, Erika L
Fritz, Sara J
Fulton, Matthew J
Mohamed Anuar, Muhammad Azfar
Mohd Bukhari, Muhammad Khairul Amri
Mohd Noor Azud, Ahma
Moscatello, Anthony
Ogorzalek, Kevin T
Pollack, Andrew C
Rushton, Thomas R
Ryan, Andrew J
Sindi, Abdulaziz
Teng, Stallone H
Toms, Leah C
Wysocki, Nathaniel P

   Rudy Slingerland, Dave Bice, Don Fisher (Director)

Claire Mondro, Tim Murray, Alex Burpee

Where They Stayed
College of Eastern Utah, Price, Utah; Hellgate Apts, Alta, Utah; YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana; Wildhorse Campground, Pioneer Mountains, Idaho

Major Projects
   Book Cliffs, Salt Lake area Quaternary, Elk Basin, Wildhorse (White Mtns), Borah fault scarp, Alta overthrust, Alta Stock

Yearly Report

Click on the thumbs to enlarge: (Nazmi, Stallone, Kara, Kevin, Tim, Claire Mondro, and Rudy Slingerland for the photos and to Claire Mondro for all the identifications)


Alumni Field Camp 2011 Photos
Leah Toms and Nate Wysocki at Book Cliffs
Stallone Teng, Nazmi Azudin, and Azfar Anuar at Book Cliffs
Rudy lectures at Book Cliffs
Ellen Chamberlin, Sara Fritz, Leah Toms, Genevieve Elsworth, Nate Wysocki, and Rudy at Book Cliffs
Rudy ignores cows at Book Cliffs
In the rain at Book Cliffs
Tony Moscatello and Amri Bukhari in the rain at Book Cliffs
Group lunch at Book Cliffs
Group at Book Cliffs
Tom Rushton, Tommy Cahill, and Kara Cahoon at Book Cliffs
Filling field books at Book Cliffs
Rudy lecturing at Thistle landslide roadside stop on the drive from Price to Alta
group at Thistle landslide overlook
Ellen Chamberlin, Genevieve Elsworth, and Sara Fritz at Hellgate Apartments, Alta
Erika Frey and Kara Cahoon at Stockton bar
Kara Cahoon, Leah Toms, Sara Fritz, and Ellen Chamberlin on the shores of the Great Salt Lake
Andrew Ryan, Nate Wysocki, and Genevieve Elsworth sampling sediment, Great Salt Lake
Nate Wysocki, Ellen Chamberlin, Kara Cahoon, Don Bower, and Nasser Almosa at Elk Basin
Kara Cahoon and Ellen Chamberlin, Elk Basin
Overlook along Chief Joseph Scenic Hwy, Wyoming: Kevin, Matt, Tommy, Andrew, Tom, and & Greg
Stallone Teng, Neil Abdalla, and Andrew Pollack at Elk Basin
Alex Carone, Erika Frey, Stallone Teng, Neil Abdalla, Andrew Pollack, Nazmi Azudin, Nasser Almosa, Azfar Anuar, and Amri Bukhari at Elk Basin
Squaw Peak, near Provo (free day hike) Genevieve, Alex, Leah, Ellen, Nate, Sara, & Kara
Andy, Stallone, Nazmi, Ajwad, and Zafur at Yellowstone
Specimen Ridge, Yellowstone: Andy, Neil, Kristin Morell, Ellen, and Dan
Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone: Stallone, Neil, and Andy
Old Faithful, Yellowstone: Aziz, Ajwad, Stallone, Kara, Nazmi, Azfar, and Dan
Dinnertime in the Tetons: Ellen, Neil, Nazmi, Alex, & Andy
Bonfire on Jackson Lake, Tetons: Dan, Tommy, Alex, Amri, Neil, & Aziz
Bonfire on Jackson Lake, Tetons: Nazmi, Dan, Stallone, & Leah
Kayaking on Jackson Lake (free day): Aziz, Ajwad, Tom, & Stallone
Hike around Jenny Lake, Tetons (free day): Genevieve, Kara, Claire, Leah, Nate, & Ellen
The lahar cave, Wildhorse project
Group posing on turbidites, Wildhorse project; spires of dacite flow to the right background
Ajwad, Kara, & Tommy at a silicified breccia, Wildhorse project
Fire and music, Wildhorse Forest Service camp
Shortcut across a snowfield, Alta overthrust project
Traversing below Superior peak, Alta overthrust project: Matt, Azfar, Alex, Sara, Erika, Genevieve, Leah, & Kara
Don, with Tim Murray, looks for an outcrop buried in snow, Alta overthrust project
Hiking boot skiing, Alta overthrust project: Genevieve & Erika
Alta overthrust, shortcut back to civilization: Alex, Azfar, & Erika
Slightly less dignified shortcut: Ajwad & Tom (?)
Don skiis at Alta
Bells Canyon project: Nasser, Ajwad, Stallone, & Sara
Mustache Monday in Bells Canyon: Neil, Aziz, Andy, Nazmi, Tim, Tommy, Matt, Kevin, & Greg
Fourth of July international potluck: Tom, Ajwad, Tim, Sara, Nate, Matt, & Dave Bice
Lunch break, Alta stock project: Andrew, Nazmi, Tommy, Erika, Tim, and Tony
Alta stock project: Stallone, Ajwad, Azfar, & Nazmi
Nate, Tom, & Tim, in anticipation of an ambush at the bottom of the hill, took off already armed with snowballs. Alta stock project.