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Field Camp 2012
Group at the Thistle landslide, Utah.  Back row left to right: Eugene (Phil) Trowbridge, Daniel Bissot, Mark Shelleman, Hassan Al Salim, Patrick Kane, Caitlin Fogaren, Annie Tamalavage, Andrew McGuffin, Nathan Stevens, Rudy Slingerland, Kevin Correa, James Cederberg, Caitlin Hartig, Matthew (Matt) Potako, Michael (Mike) Cappos, Cody Bomberger, Benjamin (Ben) Perdue, Alexander Neely, Gregory Bailey, Tyler Tonitis.  Paul (PJ) Hill, Eric Pedersen, Robert (Rob) Drewicz, Yueru (Lyra) Hao, Nina Bingham, Omar Alghamdi, Kelleen Lanagan, Erica Folio, Molly Witter, Samuel (Sam) Weaver, Scott Wright, David Oakley (TA), Max Christie (TA).

Field Camp 2012

Students In 2012 the field course was the one taught since 1961, Geosc 472, Field Geology.  Since 2005 and the introduction of a Geobiology major, the Penn State Field Camp has been divided into two parts, Geosc 472A, an introduction to geologic field methods; and Geosc 472B, advanced field methods.  Each is three weeks long for a total of six credits towards the degree.  For the traditional Geosciences BS degree, both courses are required, because they are considered a junior-level capstone experience before the students specialize their senior year.  Only Geosc 472A is required for the Geobiology degree, and neither is required for the Geosciences BA degree.

Alumni Field Camp 2012 Attendees
 Name Name  Name 
Janat Al Hashmi
Caitlin Fogaren
Benjamin (Ben) Perdue
Hassan Al Salim
Erica Folio
Matthew (Matt) Potako
Omar Alghamdi
Yueru (Lyra) Hao
Mark Shelleman
Gregory Bailey
Caitlin Hartig
Nathan Stevens
Nina Bingham
Paul (PJ) Hill
Anna (Annie) Tamalavage
Daniel Bissot
Patrick Kane
Tyler Tonitis
Cody Bomberger
Kelleen Lanagan
Eugene (Phil) Trowbridge
Michael (Mike) Cappos
Andrew McGuffin
Samuel (Sam) Weaver
James (Jim) Cederberg
Alexander Neely
Molly Witter
Kevin Correa
Eric Pedersen
Scott Wright
Robert (Rob) Drewicz

   Don Fisher (Director), Rudy Slingerland, Eric Kirby, Dave Eggler, Maureen Feineman

Claire Mondro, Max Christie, Matt Travis, David Oakley

Where They Stayed
College of Eastern Utah, Price, Utah; Tooele,  Utah; YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana; Wildhorse Campground, Pioneer Mountains, Idaho; Hellgate Apts, Alta, Utah

Major Projects
   Book Cliffs, Glacial Lake Bonneville, Elk Basin, Wildhorse (White Mtns), Alta overthrust, Alta Stock.  The Lake Bonneville project, near Tooele, involved mapping, following the route that G.K. Gilbert took when he was in the area, finishing by sketching the same landforms that Gilbert sketched.

Yearly Report

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images: (Thanks to Max Christie for the images and the identifications)


Alumni Field Camp 2012 Photos
Group at Loveland Pass, Colorado, on the trip out
Cody and Ben measuring section in the Book Cliffs
Nina in the Book Cliffs
Caitlin, Book Cliffs
Rudy lectures at the Book Cliffs
Group, Book Cliffs
fine sand or very-fine sand? Jim at the Book Cliffs
Rudy surveys the climb for the day, Book Cliffs
Nina, Annie, and Caitlin, outside Price, Book Cliffs
Book Cliffs
the beach at the Book Cliffs. Rudy is fond of stopping for lunch here
Glacial Lake Bonneville project
Mark, Glacial Lake Bonneville project
Nina outside Tooele, Lake Bonneville project
Eric and Ben, Glacial Lake Bonneville project
Molly and Tyler at Elk Basin
Claire (TA) consults her map at Elk Basin
PJ, Elk Basin
Group in Elk Basin
Omar, Mark, and Paul, Elk Basin
Claire (TA) instructing Erica, Sam, Dan, Kelleen, and Hassan, Elk Basin
Erica and Claire, Elk Basin
Nina, Erica, and Molly working in the study hall at YBRA
working on reports, YBRA
Pig Races, Red Lodge, Everyone remembers the pig races!
Hiking to the Petrified Forest, Yellowstone
Annie and Claire on a petrified stump, Yellowstone
Matt, Yellowstone-Tetons trip. Tall guy, but he liked his small guitar and very small bike
Cody, Mark, Kevin, Matt, Sam, and Erica on Eocene conglomerate, Wildhorse project
Ben and Greg, Wildhorse project
TA Matt Travis surveys the troops,Wildhorse project, from the lahar cave
Don and Claire, Wildhorse lahar
Don with Mark and Kelleen, first day hike, Alta overthrust project
Erica and Kevin on steeply-dipping Tintic, Alta overthrust project
Claire (TA) and Nina in the meadow below Duff's bench, Alta overthrust project
Al, Rob, and Ben resting before the death march, Alta overthrust
Alta overthrust project
Duff's Bench, Alta overthrust project
Group on Flagstaff Mtn, Alta overthrust project
Andrew and Kevin, Alta overthrust project
Pat and Molly mapping normal faults (hopefully) at the Flagstaff Mine dumps, Alta overthrust project
Don helps Tyler and Sam with some roadside geology, Alta
Ben and Dan on a glacial erratic, Alta overthrust project
Dave shows Erica something important, Alta overthrust
The type tremolite outcrop, Alta stock project
Nina asks this is really tremolite?
Matt, Erica, and Mike traversing, Alta stock project
Looking for square holes in fine-grained limestone (periclase), Alta stock project
relaxing at the top of the Supreme lift, Alta
Group in the Albion Basin, Alta, on the 4th of July
PJ, Nina, Molly, Kelleen, and Lyra hiking through the periclase zone, Alta stock project
Maureen pushes Ophir back together that a pegmatite split apart, Alta stock area
Kelleen, Nina, Caitlin, and Molly at the pass above Lake Catherine, Alta stock project
The TAs -- David, Matt, Max, and Claire -- in front of Sunset Peak, Alta