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Field Camp 2013

Group at Elk Basin. All rows left to right. Top: Calvin Johnson, Devin Hunter, Shane McWilliams, Everett Criswell, Nate Sonnenthal, Alex Craig, Cory Lader, Tramond Baisden, Travis Darney, Ben Lynton, Pat Cassidy, Justine McCann, Jenn Gaylord, James Hemmerly, Steve Frank, Dan Barley. Second row from top: Rudy Slingerland, Eric Guth, Tyler Haas, Ziran Wei, Derrell Mathis, Chevus Turner, Joe Frank, Ryan Creitz, Scott Karduck. Third row from top: Nur Syahidatul Abilah, Nelisa Joharry, Katie McMullen, Nicole Flynn, Chelsea Carter, Colleen Warley, Hanna Quinn, Han-Cheng Yu, Tessa Hettesheimer , Khairunnisa Alias, Syazwan Adzhar, Emily Merkle, Alex Henry, David Oakley, Rebecca Vanderleest. Bottom row, kneeling: Max Christie, Nooreen Meghani, Amanda Fobes, Brandi Niles, Alexandra Pearce, Rajvi Amin, Molly Cain, Ariel Crutis, Rizal Lai, Mat Schon

Field Camp 2013

Students In 2013 the field course was the one taught since 1961, Geosc 472, Field Geology.  Since 2005 and the introduction of a Geobiology major, the Penn State Field Camp has been divided into two parts, Geosc 472A, an introduction to geologic field methods; and Geosc 472B, advanced field methods.  Each is three weeks long for a total of six credits towards the degree.  For the traditional Geosciences BS degree, both courses are required, because they are considered a junior-level capstone experience before the students specialize their senior year.  Only Geosc 472A is required for the Geobiology degree, and neither is required for the Geosciences BA degree.

Alumni Field Camp 2013 Attendees
Nur Syahidatul Abilah
Nicole Flynn
Derrell Mathis
Syazwan Adzhar
Amanda Fobes
Justine McCann
Khairunnisa Alias
Steven Frank
Kaitlyn McMullen
Rajvi Amin
Joseph Frank
Shane McWilliams
Tramond Baisden
Jennifer Gaylord
Emily Merkle
Daniel Barley
Eric Guth
Nelisa Ameera Mohamed Joeharry
Molly Cain
Morgan Haas
Brandi Niles
Chelsea Carter
James Hemmerly
Alexandra Pearce
Patrick Cassidy
Alexander Henry
Hanna Quinn
John Considine
Tessa Hettesheimer
Mathew Schon
Alex Craig
Devin Hunter
Nathan Sonnenthal
Ryan Creitz
Calvin Johnson
Chevus Turner
Everett Criswell
Scott Karduck
Colleen Warley
Ariel Curtis
Cory Lader
Ziran Wei
Travis Darney
Mohd Rizal Bin Lai
Han-Cheng Yu
Benjamin Lynton

   Don Fisher (Director), Rudy Slingerland, Maureen Feineman

 Max Christie, Nooreen Meghani, David Oakley, Rebecca Vanderleest

Where They Stayed
College of Eastern Utah, Price, Utah; YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana; Jackson Lake (Tetons) Campground, Wildhorse Campground, Pioneer Mountains, Idaho; Hellgate Apts, Alta, Utah

Major Projects
   Book Cliffs, Elk Basin, Grand Tetons (Quaternary mapping of 11 kmfrom the base of the Grand Tetons up to the snow line)Wildhorse (White Mtns, Idaho), Alta overthrust, Alta Stock. 

Yearly Report

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Alumni Field Camp 2013 Photos
Trip out: group at Loveland Pass, Colorado
Ariel, Nicole, Tessa, Emily, and Jenn at Loveland Pass
Then they demonstrate lower gravity at 12,000 ft
Rudy Slingerland introduces stratigraphy, Book Cliffs
Rudy Slingerland talks to the group, Book Cliffs
Rudy Slingerland lectures at the Book Cliffs
Nate and Chevus (foreground) and Calvin and Derrell (background), Book Cliffs Project
Tramond demonstrates his field equipment, Book Cliffs
John and Nooreen (field book), Nate with hand lens, Book Cliffs
Calvin, Cory, Alex (foreground), Colleen (background), Book Cliffs
Book Cliffs
Joe Frank determines grain-size, Book Cliffs
Emily Merkle, Book Cliffs
Prof. Slingerland introduces the group to Elk Basin
Nicole at YBRA working on her Elk Basin map
Chelsea and Alex work on their Elk Basin maps, YBRA
Never gets old. Pig Races
Colleen, Chelsea, and Alex on Specimen Ridge, Yellowstone
Don Fisher talks to Nelisa (purple), Nur (pink), Rizal (backwards hat), and Pat (field book), Lower Falls at Yellowstone.
Tramond and Cory show off their broken fingers at Yellowstone; Jon and Chevus look horrified
Scott and Colleen in Yellowstone
Travis' hair spray in circular motion, Jackson Lake
Don Fisher talks about fault styles near Borah Peak, Idaho
Don Fisher talks about the Borah Fault, Idaho, in threatening weather
Alex and Ziran take a long view, Wildhorse project
Beginning of the Death March, Alta overthrust project. Figuring out a rhyolite dike, a normal fault and, lurking nearby, a thrust fault or two
Eric, Pat, James, and Alex on Duff's Bench, Alta overthrust project
Ziran in the wildflowers, Alta ovethrust project
Max rests on a granodiorite boulder above Lake Catherine, Alta stock project
Maureen Feineman helps Nate (standing), Devon (sitting next to Maureen), Everett (in orange), and Ryan(blue flannel), Alta stock project