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 PSU Field Camp Reunion 2000

Group photo at the back porch of Fanshawe Lodge. Credit: Allen Spelman.
Top row: Kevin (Doc) Hoover, Alexandra Podobnikar, John Carman, Karen Wenrich; 7th row: Jacky Gold, Steve and Jackie Mellon, Karen and Allen Spelman, Dean Buckner; 6th row: Fred Block, Everett Kaukonen, Asenath LaRue, Art Montana, Patricia Smith, Linda Dutcher; 5th row: Larry Karasevic, Ted Gard, Anne-Marie Kaukonen, Bob and Mimi Ryder; 4th row: Joe and Kathy Halbig, Linda Gard, Eric and Janice Dahlberg, Dick Smith; 3rd row: Margery Langmuir, Marion Lavery, Oscar Huh, Bill Spence, Wayne Burnham, Judy and Dick Merkel; 2nd row: Don Langmuir, Anita Roberts, Wanda Huh, Mike Roberts, Sue Edelstein, Norma Burnham, Vicki Martin, Bob Martin; Front row: Norm Lavery, Patti Podwysocki, Ed and Betsy Beutner, Mel Podwysocki, Duff Gold.

Penn State Reunion 2000

Where and When
   YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana; August 3-6, 2000

  This reunion was organized by Bob Ryder, Art Montana, Duff Gold, and Mel Podwysocki for graduate students and faculty of the 50s, 60s, and 70s.  It was only incidentally a field camp reunion.

Field trips and excursions
   Stillwater Complex, led by Duff Gold with presentations by John Dahy and John Childs of the Stillwater Mining Company; white-water rafting on the Stillwater River; Heart Mountain detachment, led by Ed Beutner; Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody

Attendee List
Name Contact
Fred Block (PhD72)  
Dean A Buckner (MS55)  
Lillian Berg and Becky Berg  
Ed (PhD68) and Betsey Beutner
Wayne and Norma Burnham  
John Carman (PhD69)  
Eric (MS64, PhD67) and Janice Dahlberg  
Linda (MS67, PhD70) and Russ Dutcher
Ted (PhD69) and Linda Gard  
Duff and Jacky Gold
Joe (MS65, PhD69) and Kathy Halbig
Halbig Kevin (Doc) Hoover (many FCs)
Oscar (MS63, PhD68) and Wanda Huh
Everett (MS53) and Anne-Marie Kaukonen  
Larry Karasevich (MS80)
Don and Margery Langmuir
Norm (PhD68) and Marion Lavery  
Bob (MS66) and Vicky Martin
Steve (FC 75) & Jackie Mellon
Dick (MS67,PhD70) and Judy Merkel
Art Montana (PhD66, FC 70s) and Asenath LaRue
Mel (FCTA67, MS68, PhD74)and Patti Podwysocki
Bob (PhD68) and Mimi Ryder
Mike (MS68, PhD74) and Anita Roberts  
Richard (MS66) and Patricia Smith  
Allen (PhD65) and Karen Spelman
Bill Spence (PhD73) and Sue Edelstein
Karen Wenrich (FC68, MS71, PhD75)


Click on the thumbs to enlarge: (thanks to Duff Gold and Steve Mellon for the images)


Alumni Field Camp Reunion 2000 Photos
Heart Mtn field trip
Heart Mtn field trip
Ed Beutner diagrams Heart Mtn detachment
Heart Mtn field trip
Mtn View section, Stillwater complex
J-M reef, Stillwater
J-M reef, Stillwater
layered anorthosites, Stillwater
J-M reef, Stillwater
inside lodge, YBRA
inside lodge, YBRA
inside lodge, YBRA
inside lodge, YBRA
inside lodge, YBRA
inside lodge, YBRA