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 Field Camp Reunion 2004

Arnold Doden, Jackie & Steve Mellon, Sincavages, Linda Mark, Doc Hoover, Krista Walter, Carmen Vito, Dave Eggler, Chris Duerr (kneeling), Dan Stephens, Jeff Peffer, Robert Kleiner & Theresa Miller-Kleiner, Beth Hills, Sheri Barrington, Nate Kaleta, Jenn Duerr

Field Camp Reunion 2004

Where and When
   YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana; August 20-23

Attendee List

Attendee List
Name Contact
Duff & Jackie Gold
Dave Eggler
Robert & Maureen Gold
Iain & Stacy Gold
Kerry Gold Tsakonas
Lisa Gold Schier
Jeff Peffer ('70)
Dan Stephens ('70)
Steve ('75) & Jackie Mellon
Kevin (Doc) Hoover ('89, TA 90-98)
Arnold Doden (TA 91-92)
Theresa Miller-Kleiner ('92, TA96)
Robert Kleiner  
Russ & Linda Dutcher Beth Hills ('94)
Linda Mark ('94, TA 95)
Krista W. ('94)  
Jenn ('95, TA97) & Chris ('95) Duerr
Nathan Kaleta ('95)
Ryan Sincavage ('95)
Carmen Vito ('95)
Rich Sassaman ('97)


Field Trips
   Stillwater-Rosebud-Roscoe (Grizzly Bar)
   Heart Mountain-Sunlight Basin-Beartooths (with snow)
   Bearcreek Pig Races

Click here to read Dave Eggler's remarks on 20 years of teaching Penn State field camps


Click on the thumbs to enlarge: (thanks to Beth Hills, Steve Mellon, and Carmen Vito for the images)


Alumni Field Camp Reunion 2004 Photos
Duff giving geologic history at the firepit
Dan & Jeff showing maps from their field camp
Field Camp Reunion 2004
group photo in Fanshawe Lodge
Field Camp Reunion 2004
Field Camp Reunion 2004
Field Camp Reunion 2004
Field Camp Reunion 2004
Duff, Dave, & Doc
Russ, Dave, Duff, half of Doc
Doc looking quizzical, YBRA
Sheri, Linda, Krista on the backporch of Fanshawe Lodge
Heart Mtn detachment
The Bat at Belfry
Duff at Elk Basin
Krista at Elk Basin
Nate on the Clark's Fork bridge
Linda on top of the Beartooths
Stillwater anorthosite section
Stillwater anorthosite section
At the J-M Reef, Stillwater
Women at the Mtn View section, Stillwater
Stillwater west adit
Descending from the west adit, Stillwater
Lunch on the Stillwater River
Outside the Grizzly Bar, Roscoe
Grizzly Roscoe
Field Camp Reunion 2004
Duff Gold at pig races
The Dave Eggler, PSU Field Camp 1984-2004
reunion gift
Cartoon by Doc Hoover