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Alumni Field Camp Reunion 2008 Group Photo
Group photo in the CE Lodge, Stone Valley. Front, l to r: Allen Bowser, Duff Gold, Rob Scholten. 2nd row: Becky Jaquish Jones,Tom Rutherford, Greg Baker, Sheri Karl Barrington,Linda Mark, Jim Walker, Dave Scull, Bob Hershey, Ray McGlew. Back rows: Walter Ebaugh, Gil Oudijk,Rob Lux, Joe Donovan, Bob Ryder, Marlene Ryder, Andy Phelps, Joe Gerencher, Doug Tietbohl, Lynn Brant, Rich Hazenstab, Roger Cuffey, Karen Wenrich, Dave McCarren, Andrew Sicree, Rick Miller, Jeff Peffer, Douglas Duncan (back), Colm Chomicky in front of Douglas, Jim Shaulis in front of Colm, Steve Urbanik, Beth Hills, Glenn Duffield, Dave Eggler. Credit: Tom Rutherford

Field Camp Reunion East 2008

Where and When
Penn State campus & CE Lodge, Stone Valley, Huntingdon County; October 3 & 4

Attendee List
Name Contact
Hu & Mary Barnes Walter & Michele Ebaugh FC71,MS73
Richard W (Rick) Miller FC70
Roger Cuffey XC trips 70s
Joe (FC65,MS68,DEd82) & Jane Gerencher
Gil Oudijk FC83,BS84
Dave Eggler 1984-2004
Richard Hazenstab FC84,BS85
Jeff Peffer FC70,BS71,MEng81
Don Fisher 1998--
Doug (FC78,BS79) & Ellen Heller
Andy Phelps FC82,PhD(SSS)90
Duff & Jacky Gold 1966-1998
Bob Hershey FC72
Julia Krause Phelps MS(SSS)89
Dick Parizek XC trip 68
Beth Hills FC95
Perry Rahn FC TA65,PhD65
Rob Scholten 1961-1977  
Becky Jaquish Jones FC86,BS87
Tom Rutherford FC83,BS83
Rudy Slingerland 1979--
Al Lacazette FC TA85,PhD91
Bob (PhD68) & Marlene Ryder Barry Voight 1965-1975
Dan Leppold BS93,MS05
David C Scull FC54,BS55
Greg Baker FC2000
Anne Lutz MS70,PhD73
Jim Shaulis FC70
Sheri Karl Barrington BS95
Rob Lux FC82
Doug Tietbohl FC TA80,MS81
Mike Bodnar
Linda Mark FC94,FC TA 95
Andrew Sicree FC89, TA97, PhD
Allen Bowser FC62,BS63
Dave McCarren FC79,BS79
Shana Gordon Tritsch FC92,FC TA93
Lynn Brant FC62,TA63,DEd80
Ray McGlew FC73,BS74
Eric, Gus, & Huck Tritsch  
Michael & Katie Canich FC74,MS76
Joe McGlew  
Stephen Urbanik FC83,BS83
Colm Chomicky FC76,BS77
Matt Mercurio FC94 Matthew.Mercurio@AlleghenyCounty.US
James E Walker FC60  
Ann Dimarco  
Emily Constantine Mercurio FC95
Karen Wenrich FC68,MS71,PhD75
Joe Donovan FC74,PhD92 ALTA Mercurio
Tom Wyland FC94,FC TA95
Glenn M Duffield FC83,MS85
Alexander Zdzinski FC80
Douglas Duncan MS78

Back to the Future
From 1940-1960 Field Camp was held at Stone Valley, headquartered at the MI Lodge across the lake (then a stream) from the CE Lodge.  That lodge became park headquarters when the lake was built, but it burned to the ground in 1980.  Reunion attendees Dave Scull and Jim Walker were at those camps in 1954 and 1960, respectively.  Click he
re for Jim's remembrances.

Field Trips
   1) Hydrogeology and environmental geology of the Nittany Valley, led by Dick Parizek
   2) Structures and stratigraphy, including the Marcellus Shale, between Tussey Mtn and Stone Mtn, led by Duff Gold
   3) A walk around Lake Perez (Stone Valley) to talk about why the dam leaks, led by Dick Parizek

Other Events
     Friday evening wine/beer/cheese reception was held in the EMS Museum.  Department Head Tim Brawlower recalled all the Geosciences faculty who have been involved in Field Camp.  Dean Bill Easterling highlighted the cutting-edge fields of the Geosciences today, and proclaimed Field camp as one of the icons of the College. 

     After field trips Saturday, the chicken & burgers barbecue at the CE Lodge, an annual grad student-faculty event, was combined with the alumni event.  Dave Eggler has been cooking chicken at the picnic since the 1980s, with Peter Deines.  In the absence of his partner, Dave thanks Joe Donovan and Ann Dimarco for pitching in.

     After dinner, alumni assembled in the CE Lodge for brief talks presenting funny stories and reminiscences from four decades -- Bob Ryder from the 60s, Walter Ebaugh from the 70s, Gil Oudijk from the 80s, and Linda Mark and Beth Hills from the 90s.   Afterward, Rob Scholten told stories about the legendary Professor P D Krynine (who is pictured here with students at the MI Lodge) that was across the lake from the CE Lodge.  Duff Gold told several stories including the addition of a P and an S to the U of the University of Utah.

     About a dozen alumni stayed overnight in the cabins at the CE Lodge, bringing their sleeping bags and trekking through the dark to the communal toilets.  Almost like field camp.  Thanks to Beth Hills for being camp manager.

Click on the thumbs to enlarge: (thanks to Beth Hills, Mike Bodnar, Sheri Barrington, Colm Chomicky, and Karen Wenrich for these images)


Alumni Field Camp Reunion 2008 Photos
Jacky Gold, Don Fisher, Alta Mercurio, and Emily Constantine Mercurio at the opening reception
Matt Mercurio and children at the opening reception in the Museum
Dick Parizek's hydrotrip assembles in Deike. L to r: Rob Lux, Mike Bodnar, Estelle & Dick, Gil Oudijk, Jeff Peffer,Glenn Duffield. Kneeling:Greg Baker
Dick's hydrotrip
Duff's field trip assembles at the CE Lodge
Duff's trip parking at Leading Ridge
Duff Gold, Ray McGlew, Bob Ryder, Rick Miller, Lynn Brant at Leading Ridge
Shana Gordon Tritsch and son examine the Keefer Fm at Leading Ridge
Duff's trip eating lunch at Greenwood Furnace
Sheri Barrington, Tom Wylands, Linda Mark at Greenwood Furnace
Duff's trip at Whipple Dam anticline
Dick Parizek talks about leaky Lake Perez
More of Dick's trip
Dick and alums at the dam
Dick & Greg Baker, youngest field camper (2000)
Doug Tietbohl, Dick P, Jim Shaulis on the dam trip
Duff Gold
Steve Urbanik, Gil Oudijk, Douglas Duncan & Rob Scholten (to the right)
Same grouping as previous photo
Rob Scholten, Allen Bowser, Bob Ryder, Lynn Brant
Tim Bralower, Jeff Peffer, Glenn Duffield
Rob Lux, Steve Urbanik, Andy Phelps, Julia Krause Phelps
Grad students, faculty, and alumni intermix
more mixing
Joe Gerencher & Duff
Karen Wenrich & Al Lacazette, who recently started working in Pittsburgh
Sheri Karl Barrington, radiant as always
The field camp reunion three: Linda Mark, Beth Hills, Sheri Karl Barrington
Tom Wyland, Linda Mark
Lynn Brant, Walter Ebaugh, Rob Scholten, Allen Bowser
Bob Hershey on the right
Lynn Brant, Allen Bowser
Rudy Slingerland, Michelle Ebaugh, Duff
Jim Shaulis, Joe & Jane Gerencher
Oldest field camper -- Dave Scull, 1954
chicken cooking and smoking
Joe Donovan & Dave Eggler cook the last of the chicken
Joe & Dave cooking burgers
Kibitzing around the barbecue
Dave relaxes after cooking
Rich Hazenstab
Rick Miller came as Honest Abe
Night falls on the reunion
Bob Ryder talking about the 60s
Walter Ebaugh remembers the '70s
Gil Oudijk, master raconteur, on the 80s
Linda Mark talks about the 90s
Rob Scholten recalls P D Krynine
Duff tells a story
Duff recounts the PSU story