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Chloe Gustafson

Chloe Gustafson

Office Address: 
503 Deike Building
Assistant Professor (July 2022)
Department of Geosciences
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SALSA EM is an electromagnetic geophysical investigation of groundwater beneath Whillans Ice Plain, West Antarctica. During the austral summer of 2018/2019, we collected magnetotelluric surveys over an active subglacial lake, Whillans Subglacial Lake (SLW), and the Whillans Grounding Zone (WGZ), where the waters from SLW are modeled to drain into the Southern Ocean. We imaged thick (>1km) sediments that contain salty groundwater, which has implications for basal hydrologic budgets, deep subglacial life, and past ice sheet conditions. This work is in preperation for publication. Results from this work may be found in chapters 3 - 6 of my PhD Dissertation. The website for this project can be found here.

Offshore Freshwater on the US Atlantic Coast
In 2015, we collected marine controlled source electomagnetic (CSEM) and magnetotelluric data offshore the US Atlantic margin in order to map fresh groudwater contained within the contintental shelf sediments. Offshore both New Jersey and Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, we found relatively fresh groundwater extends from the coast out to 90 km offshore. We estimate there is ~2800 km3 of low-salinity offshore groundwater between New Jersey and Martha's Vineyard. This work is published in Scientific Reports and can be found here. The website for this project can be found here.


I am a geophysicist who investigates hydrogeologic systems hidden beneath oceans and ice sheets. I characterize the distribution and salinity of offshore and subglacial groundwater reservoirs in order to understand the interconnected hydrogeologic, climatic, and oceanographic forces that both influence and are influenced by groundwater.

I primarily use marine and polar electromagnetic methods to image the groundwater systems I seek to understand. I integrate geochemical, geological, and other geophysical datasets to develop holistic, integrated interpretations.

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.