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Josimar Silva

Josimar Silva

Office Address: 
503 Deike Building
Assistant Professor (July 2022)
Department of Geosciences
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I investigate the fundamental processes controlling the interaction between
human-related subsurface activities and seismic and environmental hazards,
with a focus on energy and environmental problems.

There is a number of human-relates subsurface activities that are essential
to society but that can pose risk to infrastructure and the environment. For
example, oil and gas production, hydraulic fracturing, wastewater disposal
and enhanced geothermal energy stimulation are important activities
associated with energy production. Similarly, large-scale CO2 storage in
geological formations is an important climate change mitigation technology.
These activities, however, are often associated with unintended negative
outcomes such as induced earthquakes and CO2 leakage to shallower
geological formations. Therefore, understanding the physical mechanisms
that govern the occurrence of these processes is fundamental to design
mitigation strategies. In my research, I address these questions using an
integrated multidisciplinary approach that combines field observations and
computational modeling focusing on multiphase flow in porous and fracture
media, geomechanics and earthquake physics.