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Re:                   Teaching Assistant Award,  Call for nominations for  2014/2015


June 22, 2015


Dear Teaching Assistants (TAs) & Faculty of Courses with TAs:


The Department of Geosciences is committed to a high-quality educational experience for our undergraduate students.  In addition, we wish to foster excellence in the teaching skills of our graduate students.  To facilitate these goals, we are pleased to offer a $1,000 award to recognize the most outstanding teaching assistant for academic year 2014/2015.


Selection Process

Department of Geosciences graduate students who are teaching within our curriculum are encouraged to coordinate and submit their own nomination.  Nomination materials should include a teaching statement, a recommendation letter from a faculty member who has observed them in the classroom, and an optional TA portfolio.  


To facilitate interaction and coordination between the TA and her or his faculty recommender, we suggest that the faculty member observe the TA in the classroom at least twice per semester.  TA's may also find that gathering feedback from students is beneficial.  Examples of student assessment forms can be found here:


Nomination Materials (due 20 May 2015 for Spring courses). Please submit electronically to Angela Packer (


Supplied by the TA.  A statement of TA responsibilities, your roll in the class, and a summary of your efforts and experiences during the semester. Include ideas and innovations you brought to the assignment, a summary of adjustments in your objectives or teaching methods made as a result of mid-semester evaluations, forms of student feedback that you may have used, and comments and suggestions related to the course, especially those that might be useful to future TA’s.  


Supplied by the Faculty Instructor.  An assessment of the TA’s efforts and performance.  Please send directly to Angela Packer (


The Geosciences Department appreciates your efforts to support its teaching mission. On behalf of our faculty and students, thank you for your hard work.


Mike Arthur, Interim Associate Head for Graduate Programs and Research