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2014-15 Graduates and Thesis Topics




James Cederberg (M.S.2014) A Quantitative Assessment of the Effects of base Level fall and Basin Depth on River Deltas (Supervised by Rudy Slingerland)

Members: Hajek, Arthur


William Ethier Colon (M.S. 2014) In Situ pE-pH Analysis on the Oxidation Kinetics of Manganese Bearing Solution (Supervised by Professor Hiroshi Ohmoto)

Members: Kubicki, Heaney


Mitchell Modlich (M.S. 2014) Thermal Maturity of Gas Shales in the Appalachian Plateau of Pennsylvania (Supervised by Professor Rudy Slingerland)

Members:  Arthur, Furlong


Leah Tsao (M.S. 2014) Culture-Dependent and Independent Studies of Sulfur Oxidizing Bacteria from the Frasassi Caves (Supervised by Professor Jennifer L. Macalady)

Members: Freeman, House


Alicia Cruz-Uribe (Ph.D. 2014) Assessment and Implications of (dis) Equilibrium in Metamorphic Rocks (Supervised by Professor Maureen Feineman)

Members: Eggler, Hellmann, Kubicki


Ying Cui (Ph.D. 2014) Assessment of Climate Change and Global Carbon Cycle Perturbation during the End-Permian Mass Extinction (Supervised by Professor Lee


Members: Freeman, Najjar, Arthur, White


Amanda Martino (Ph.D. 2014) Assessment and Advancement of Approaches for the Study of Subsea Floor Microbial Communities (Supervised by Professors Christopher House and Mary Ann Bruns)

Members: Biddle, Macalady, Kaye



Spring 2015


Angela Chung (M. S. 2015) Evaluation of Variability in Soil Organic Carbon Isotope Record and Implications for Organic Matter Preservation (Supervised by Professor Katherine H. Freeman)

Members: Hajek, Patzkowsky


Thomas Johnston (M.S. 2015) The Role of Poroelasticity During Disequilibrium Compaction and Hydrocarbon Generation of Horizontal Stress in the Devonian Section

(Supervised by Professor Terry Engelder)

Members: Slingerland, Saffer


Nooreen Meghani (M.S. 2015) Uplift and Shortening in the Nepalese and Indian Sub-Himalaya Determined with Quantitative Geomorphology (Supervised by Professor

Eric Kirby)

Members: Fisher, Furlong, Hajek


Jiuyuan Wang (M.S. 2015) The Origin of a Basin-Scale Thin Limestone:  The Middle Devonian Cherry Valley Member, Marcellus Formation (Supervised by Professor

Michael A. Arthur)

Members: Kump, Patzkowsky


Nathaniel Wysocki (M.S. 2015) Fine-Sediment Deposition and Storage in Sandy-Fluvial Systems (Supervised by Professor Elizabeth Hajek)

Members:  Slingerland, Bralower


John Fegyveresi (Ph.D. 2015) Physical Properties of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Divide Deep Core: Development, Evolution, and Interpretation (Supervised by

Richard B. Alley)

Members: Anandakrishnan, Sowers, Carleton


Kristina Peterson (Ph.D. 2015) Nucleation, Growth, and Phase Transformation Mechanisms of the Iron(OXY) Hydroxides (Supervised by Professor Peter Heaney)

Members: Kubicki, Fantle, Gorski


Anna Wendt (Ph.D. 2015) Geochemistry of the Union Springs Member, Marcellus Formation in Central Pennsylvania and Environmental Implications of Hydraulic Fracturing (Supervised by Professor Mike Arthur)

Members: Slingerland, Brantley, Miller



Summer 2015


Rachel Bosch (M.S. 2015) Lithofacies and Transport of Clastic Sediments in Karstic Aquifers (Supervised by Professor William B. White)

Members: Slingerland, Kump


Christine Doman (M.S. 2015) Investigating C4 Grass Contributions to N-Alkane Based Paleoclimate Reconstruction (Supervised by Professor Katherine H. Freeman)

Members: Slingerland, Kump


Lauren Milideo (Ph.D. 2015) Actualistic and Statistical Approaches to Taphonomic Interpretation in Quaternary Environments (Supervised by Professor Russel W. Graham)

Members: Patzkowsky, Alley, Post


Peter Miller (M.S. 2015) Experimental Investigation of Permeability and Mechanical Evolution of Cataclastic Deformation Bands (Supervised by Professor Demian M. Saffer)

Members: Slingerland, Kump


Gregory Smith (M.S. 2015) Evolutionary Phylogenetic, and Functional Implications of Mammoth Molar Morphology as Measured by Computational Tomographic (CT) Scans (Supervised by Professor Russel W. Graham)

Members: Patzkowsky, Post, Ryan


Courtney Swanson (M.S. 2015) Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Burket Mbr., Harrell Fm. and Associated Strata in the Northern Appalachian Basin (Supervised by Professor Rudy Slingerland)

Members: Engelder, Arthur


Rebecca Vanderleest (M.S. 2015) Seismic Hazard Investigation of the Montserrat Anticline and Happy Valley Fault, North Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand (Supervised by Professor Donald M. Fisher)

Members: Furlong, DiBiase


Austin White-Gaynor (M.S. 2015) Seismic Anisotropy Across the Appalachian Mountains and Plateau (Supervised by Professor Andy A. Nyblade)

Members: Anandakrishnan, Ammon