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2018-19 Graduates and Thesis Topics

Fall 2018
Helen Gall (PhD)  "A Geochemical Approach to Mantle and Crustal Dynamics in Central Anatolia" Advisors: Tanya Furman 

Benjamin Madara (PhD)  "Laboratory Studies of Permeability Evolution: Roles of Fracture, Shear, Dynamic Stressing, and Reservoir Rock Properties"  Advisor: Chris Marone

Haley Ramirez (MS)  The Seismic Hazards Posed by Offshore Segments of the Ranong and Khlong Marui Faults  Advisor: Kevin Furlong

David Soto (MS)    “P and S Body Wave Tomography of the Upper Mantle in Central and Eastern West Antarctica”   Advisor: Andrew Nyblade


Spring 2019

Cathleen Bressers (MS)  "Upper Mantle Structure Beneath the Northern East African Plateau from P- and S-wave Body-wave Tomography" Advisor: Andrew Nyblade

Jared Carte (MS)  "Explaining the Unexpected Variability of Uranium-Series Activity Ratios in Near Surface Soils, State College, PA”  Advisor: Matthew Fantle

Jonas Kinter (PhD)  "An Investigation of Seismological Source Parameterization" Advisor: Charles Ammon

Matthew Reinhold (MS)  "Constraints on Earth's Thermal Evolution from the Heavy Noble Gas Content of the Mantle" Advisor: Brad Foley

Adrianna Rizzo (MS) "Ocean Ecosystem Transformation During Rapid Warming and Sea Level Rise: Examples from the Pleistocene Cariaco Basin (MIS 9-7)"  Advisor: Timothy Bralower

Gabriella Rossetto Harris (MS)  "Fossil Evidence for Patagonian Arucaria Sec. Eutacta and its Implications for Conifer Turnover During the Ecocene Initial Isolation of South 
Americas"  Advisor: Peter Wilf

Elena Stiles (MS) "Plant Extinction and Recovery Dynamics Across the Cretaceous-Paleogene Transition in Southern South America"  Advisor: Peter Wilf

Timothy Witham (MS) "Ultrasonic Monitoring od Laboratory-Scale Hydraulic Fracturing"  Advisor: Chris Marone

Joshua Woda (MS) "Using Citizen Sciences, Stream Methane and a Localized Case Study to locate and Understand Hydrocarbon Related Contaminant Sources in Pennsylvania"  Advisor: Susan Brantley