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Don Voigt’s Blog from WAIS Divide Camp; 79º 28’S, 112º 05’W


We had some brilliant weather yesterday and the Twin Otter working out of our camp was able to circle for a photo op. This is WAIS Divide; The skiway is on the left next to the "town line" of structures. The other lines are cargo staged for use during the season. The long tent in the middle of town is our Galley. Tent City where we sleep is to the bottom. Our drilling Arch is to the right, about a quarter of a mile from town.

The second view is of the Arch where the ice core drill lives. The Arch was constructed in th 2005/06 season on the surface. The main part which houses the drill is 30 feet high. That's the kind of drift we battle constantly. You can see where the 'dozers have pushed the snow away from the access doors so we can get in.

Another beautiful day today, sunny and in the teens though it was -11F last night.
WAIS Divide Camp Aerial Photo

WAIS Divide Camp Aerial Photo

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