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Don Voigt’s Blog from WAIS Divide Camp; 79º 28’S, 112º 05’W


Memorial Service

I am back out of the field. Pulled out by LC-130 with 20 others. Science is
done at WAIS Divide for the season, and it was a great one. We achieved all of
our science goals and were able to do things no one else has ever done in an
ice borehole; obtain ice core at any depth we want. Big deal in the science
community, even if no one else notices.

But, it comes at a cost. If you play in the Antarctic backyard long enough,
sooner or later you have to pay. We lost a Twin Otter and three crew members
this season. It hits close to home. I have flown that route several times and
have spent many (too many) hours in the Twins. I have come too close in a
Basler and walked away.

I arrived back in McMurdo at 3AM on Saturday morning. Had a solid 5 hours of
sleep in a warm, dark room where I did not wake up with frost on my face and a
frozen hand that snuck out of the bag. Still need lots of sleep and still worry
about the camp staff we left in the field. I know they will be okay, but...

I just came from a memorial service for the three aircrew of the crashed Twin
Otter at the NSF Chalet in McMurdo. It was a sobering moment.

Home soon.

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