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GeoPRISMS Office Moves to Penn State


Beginning on Nov. 1, 2016, the GeoPRISMS office has moved to Penn State, under the leadership of professor Demian Saffer as the new Office Chair. GeoPRISMS is a community-led program aimed at understanding the formation, dynamics, and evolution of continental margins through focused studies that span the shoreline at active margins, 
and through integration of field, laboratory, and theoretical approaches. The program addresses first-order questions about Earth’s most active tectonic, mass transfer, and sedimentary systems, and which are relevant to geohazards that affect population centers, and to feedbacks between the solid Earth and surface and climate systems. GeoPRISMS is also an NSF funding program which arose in large part from the community; the latter remains at the heart of a vibrant and highly active science constituency of ~600 individuals across the US and internationally.

The GeoPRISMS Office plays an essential role in the program through development, coordination, and facilitation of research collaboration, synergy across disciplines, and engagement of a diverse scientific community. Specific activities include the organization of meetings and workshops; dissemination of research findings and opportunities through the website and publication of a newsletter; identification of new opportunities for collaboration with major international and national programs; managing database activities; assisting with logistical and scientific activities; and providing guidance to NSF on aspects of program structure. The GeoPRISMS office will be hosted at The Pennsylvania State University for the three-year window beginning in October, 2016. 

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