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Alumnus’ intensity, creativity and drive led to great accomplishments, impact


Intense drive, creativity and a commitment to doing what’s right: Those are a few characteristics two Penn State professors use to describe Mark Pagani, a Penn State geosciences alumnus who died on Nov. 18 after multiple years of battling with an aggressive type of lymphoma.

Pagani took a nontraditional path through his career. After getting a bachelor of arts in geology from the University of Colorado Boulder, Pagani pursued not a scientific career but an artistic one. He became an accomplished professional musician for nearly a decade, serving as lyricist and lead singer for the bands Big Clock and One Big Room. He maintained his interests in science by tutoring chemistry and taking short courses on geology. One of those courses was taught by Michael Arthur, a Penn State faculty member today who worked for the U.S. Geological Survey at the time.  More

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