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Policies & Procedures


  • Sabbatical Leave Guidelines

    HR-17, Sabbatical Leave, is the University policy that governs sabbatical 
    leaves of absence with pay.  Forms for leave requests are available on GURU at

    Please note that individuals who are granted sabbatical leaves are required to 
    return for a full contract year of service following the sabbatical leave.  
    Any person who does not return, or does not remain for the full contract year
    following the sabbatical leave, will be required to refund the salary received 
    from the University during the sabbatical leave.  We have received questions 
    regarding enforcement of this requirement.  Please note that we do not waive 
    this requirement.  In addition, all faculty are required to submit a report to 
    the Provost, via the department head and the dean, within two months of their
    return from leave.

    According to HR-17, “A sabbatical is a privilege which may be granted to an 
    individual who has demonstrated by publication, teaching, exhibition or 
    performance an above average ability in scholarship, research, or other 
    creative accomplishment.”  Proposals for the study of pedagogical topics 
    or for intensive pedagogical development are eligible and indeed, encouraged.

    Attached is a copy of the sabbatical leave guidelines that were developed to assist 
    faculty members in the preparation of their proposals and may also be found at

  • State Mandated Collection System Log In Instructions

    Click here for instructions to complete Faculty Hours form