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Promotion and Tenure

Preliminary Pages

Promotion and Tenure Form
*Promotion and Tenure Form - save a blank copy to your desktop before completing.
If a faculty member is proposed for both promotion and tenure, two cover pages must be completed--one for tenure decisions, the other for promotion decisions. The tenure form is always on top with simultaneous tenure and promotion reviews followed by the promotion form.

  • DATE: Date of typing
  • NAME: Candidate's full name (no initials) - Last, First MI
  • PRESENT RANK & TITLE: Candidates Rank and Title at time dossier is prepared. Use identifier "of Geosciences" (Professor of Geosciences). If there is an additional formal title, include it here. Rank may be abbreviate, but not title (Prof. of Geosciences)
  • COLLEGE: Earth and Mineral Sciences
  • CAMPUS: University Park 
  • GRADUATE FACULTY STATUS: Must check appropriate status.
  • RANK & DATE OF INITIAL APPT: Use date of first appointment to academic position at PSU. Rank with identifier "of Geosciences" (Assistant Professor of Geosciences).
  • RANK AND DATE OF APPT TO TENURE ELIGIBLE POSITION: This information will in most cases be identical to the information provided for the "initial appt" above. List rank with identifier "of Geosciences".
  • YEARS CREDIT: This refers to years of tenure credit granted at the time of hire. If appropriate, this information can be found in the letter of offer. If none was granted, indicate "none." Otherwise indicate the number of years of credit that was granted.
  • PREVIOUS PROMOTIONS: List rank with identifier and date
  • STAYING OF THE PROVISIONAL TENURE PERIOD: List beginning and end dates of any authorized staying periods.
  • PROPOSED RANK AND TITLE: This item is completed only on promotion recommendations; it is left blank on the tenure recommendations. Indicate the new rank desired with identifier "of Geosciences" (Associate Professor of Geosciences).
  • TENURE STATUS: Leave blank for simultaneous tenure and promotion reviews.

Biographical Data Form
*Biographical Data Form - save a blank copy to your desktop before completing.
Complete all categories that are applicable.

  • EXACT TITLE OF POSITION: Use identifier "of Geosciences" (Associate Professor of Geosciences). 
  • OCCUPATIONAL RECORD: List most recent employer first (other than Penn State).
  • LOCATION OF RESIDENCE: University Park (or campus where you are physically located) . 
  • SIGN and DATE.

Criteria Statements Print single-sided, and do not staple
College P & T Criteria (pdf file)
A copy of the College Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure must be inserted in the dossier and included in all copies.
Department P & T Criteria (pdf file). A copy of your Department Guidelines must be inserted in the dossier and included in all copies. 

Candidate's Narrative Statement

The narrative statement should be written in first person and no longer than three pages. The purpose of this statement is not to call attention to achievements nor summarize materials that are listed elsewhere in the dossier, but to give candidates the opportunity to place their work and activities in the context of their overall goals and agendas. The narrative should be factual and objective, not subjective or evaluative. It should demonstrate the connections among the parts of the dossier and the integration of the three university functions of teaching, research and service. This statement is critical to reviewers who are not familiar with the candidate's field and what constitutes important work. Candidates should carefully prepare the narrative so others can understand their fields and how their scholarly work relates to the larger field.