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Amy Homan
Administrative Support Coordinator V
505 Deike
Primary Responsibilities:
Department Manager (all administrative and general related duties)
Supervise staff
Manage General, Gift and Endowment Funds, Salary Schedules, Supplemental Payments
Appointments not on research funds
Field Trips; Surcharge
Scholarships, NDA Contract, Sabbatical Leave applications, World Campus contracts
Strategic Planning
P&T, 5 yr Post review & Committees
CIC survey
Jacob Hoover
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
542 Deike
(814) 865-7791
Primary Responsibilities:
Course Scheduling
Classroom/Final Exam/Priority Scheduling
Student Billing
Special Program Support: Field Camp; Shake, Rattle & Rocks
Scholarships/Endowment Awarding
Recruitment: Fort Valley M-SEA Program & Spend a Summer Day
Stacie Hugney
Administrative Support Coordinator 4
506 Deike
(814) 865-4203
Primary Responsibilities:
Research Administration - Pre and post award management
Maintain and Monitor Research Budgets
Visas for International Scholars and Visitors
Postdoctoral Appointments
Faculty Searches
Faculty Activity Reports
Collaborate with Graduate Staff on Graduate Assistant Appointments
Jo Ann Lehtihet
Administrative Assistant
503 Deike Bldg
(814) 867-4760
Primary Responsibilities:
General Office (Mail/Shipments, Vehicle/Room Reservations, Copier/Printer Management, Department Databases, Office Supplies)
Department Colloquium
Security Access Coordinator
Personnel Entry/Exit Processing
Logistics Administrator/Special Contracts
Graduate program assistant.
Angela Packer
Graduate Program Assistant
507 Deike
(814) 865-7394
Primary Responsibilities:
Graduate Program Coordinator:
Advise Graduate students on policies and procedures
Graduate Assistant & Fellowship appointments
Exam Processing (candidacy, comprehensive, final oral defense of thesis or dissertation)
Administrative Support Coordinator IV
Barbara Peragine
Administrative Support Coordinator 4
446 Deike
(814) 865-4185
Primary Responsibilities:
Administrative management of the AfricaArray Diversity Program
Abby Smith
Financial Coordinator
503 Deike
(814) 863-0633
Primary Responsibilities:
E-Forms for Research & General Funds
Wage Appointments
Bi-Weekly Wage Payroll
Travel Cash Advances
Reimburse Travel/Group Meals
P-Card Reconciliation
Plotter/Copier/Fax/Scanner billing
Nicole Stocks
Alumni Relations and Industry Recruiting
512 Deike
(814) 863-7072
Primary Responsibilities:
Alumni Relations and Stewardship (Advisory Board, Special Events, Gift Acknowledgment)
Industry Relations and Recruitment (On Campus Recruiting Program)
Department Communications and Publicity (Newsletter, Website, Photography, Social Media)
Department Awards/Nominations (Faculty Mentoring, Mitchell, Wilson, etc.)
Project Associate
Denny Walizer
Project Associate
227 Deike
(814) 863-2023
Primary Responsibilities:
Manager / Supervisor of Research Laboratories (Biogeochemistry / Isotope labs / Mass Spectrometers)
Department Liaison for Buildings and Research Facilities
Facilities Coordinator (Oversee Department Renovations)
Department Safety Officer
Contact for Equipment Inventory