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Students explore ocean mysteries, help local community appreciate coral reefs


Spending spring break in the Bahamas may seem the perfect way to relax -- but if you’re an aspiring scientist, it’s the ideal chance to collect data and study unsolved ocean mysteries.... read more

Latest NSF rankings: Penn State scores high in broad range of research fields


In the most recent institutional rankings released by the National Science Foundation of total research expenditures for science and engineering, Penn State stands second in the nation, behind only... read more

Day 1: We have arrived!!


 Follow the daily blog of 15 Penn State Astrobiology students on their journey through Italy at read more

Dr. Ellen Currano, Assistant Professor at the University of Wyoming in the Departments of Geology/Geophysics and Botany, speaks at the Geosciences Colloquium on Tuesday, March 24th.


Dr. Currano, who is also a Penn State alumnus, presents "Life After Penn State: Reconstructing Past Forest Structure and Ecology, Challenging the Face of Science, and Getting My Dream... read more

Richard Alley in The Washington Post


    Glaciologist Richard Alley says new research about the Totten Glacier hints at a possible solution to a question that scientists have long had about the planet’s past. ... read more