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Dr. Jake Waldbauer, Neubauer Family Assistant Professor, Department of Geophysical Sciences, University of Chicago, speaks at Geosciences Colloquium Series on Tuesday, April 21st


Dr. Waldbauer presents "Protein Biogeochemistry: A New Window into the Marine Carbon Cycle" on Tuesday, April 21st, at 4 PM in 022 Deike. A pre-talk Coffee... read more

Dr. Christopher Paola, Distinguished Professor, Geology and Geophysics, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Minnesota, speaks at Geosciences Colloquium Series on Tuesday, April 14th


Dr. Paola presents "Are Deltas Complicated or Complex? Insights from Experiments and Simplified Models" on Tuesday, April 14th, at 4 PM in 022 Deike. A pre-talk... read more

Dr. Peter Flemings, Professor and holder of the Jackson Chair in Geosytems at the University of Texas at Austin, speaks at a special seminar hosted by the Department of Geosciences on Wednesday, April 8th, at 4:00 PM in 022 Deike. All are welcome.


Dr. Flemings presents "The Methane Hydrate and Free Gas GeoSystem: Geology, Climate and Energy" at 4 PM in 022 Deike. A Coffee & Cookies Reception will precede the talk at 3:... read more

Penn State professor Michael Mann leads climate change research


The only source of light in Michael Mann’s office on a breezy afternoon comes from the sunlight pouring through the large glass windows behind his desk. The natural light drapes over the... read more