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Deep groundwater aquifers respond rapidly to climate variability


UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Changes in climate can rapidly impact even the deepest freshwater aquifers according to Penn State and Columbia University hydrologists.The researchers found that responses to... read more

Geosciences professor Erin DiMaggio promotes science at Women’s March


The women in white lab coats didn’t expect to be treated like celebrities. The group of scientists, dozens strong, came to Washington DC on 21 January to join the Women’s March, a massive protest... read more

Climate change effects, solutions to be discussed on WPSU’s 'Conversations LIVE'


 The effects of human-caused climate change both locally and throughout the world will be discussed by University experts during the next episode of WPSU Penn State’s “Conversations LIVE.” The live... read more

South American fossil tomatillos show nightshades evolved earlier than thought


 Delicate fossil remains of tomatillos found in Patagonia, Argentina, show that this branch of the economically important family that also includes potatoes, peppers, tobacco, petunias and tomatoes... read more

Right after an asteroid killed the dinosaurs, life returned to the scene of the crime


 Some 66 million years ago, a giant space rock smashed into the Gulf of Mexico and brought the age of the dinosaurs — along with 75 percent of all organisms on Earth — to an abrupt and fiery end.... read more